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Class AAA Pre-Season Projections


Let's not call them predictions this year, how about that. Thanks to everyone who helped me out ascertaining the information. Let's move on to Class AAA.


All-Region squads are listed in no particular order.



Class AAA

Region 1AAA

District 1AAA MVP: Shannon Hale (Science Hill)

District 1AAA Projected Champion: Science Hill

District 2AAA MVP: Derek Wheeler (Morristown East)

District 2AAA Projected Champion: Morristown East

All-Region 1AAA Pre-Season Team:

Jaylen Allen (Science Hill)

Dusty Nickles (Jefferson County)

James Scales (Cherokee)

Zach Garland (David Crockett)

Hayden Chandley (Daniel Boone)

Derek Wheeler (Morristown East)

Tyler Ailshee (Dobyns-Bennett)

Will Adams (Science Hill)

Casey Smith (Morristown East)

Shannon Hale (Science Hill)





Region 2AAA

District 3AAA MVP: Dre Mattheiu (Knoxville Central)/Lonnie McClanahan (Oak Ridge

District 3AAA Projected Champion: Oak Ridge

District 4AAA MVP: Rico White (Bearden)

District 4AAA Projected Champion: Bearden

All-Region 2AAA Pre-Season Team:

Alan Holt (Anderson County)

JuJuan Williams (Knoxville West)

Ty Greene (Bearden)

Lonnie McClanahan (Oak Ridge)

Joey Boedwig (Knoxville Catholic)

Dre Mattheiu (Knoxville Central)

Tres Palmer (Powell)

Rico White (Bearden)

Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West)

Dion Fair (Bearden)






Region 3AAA

District 5AAA MVP: Jervohn Johnson (Ooltewah)

District 5AAA Projected Champion: Ooltewah

District 6AAA MVP: Josh Turner (White County)

District 6AAA Projected Champion: White County

All-Region 3AAA Pre-Season Team:

James Stovall (Bradley Central)

Wesley Ritchie (Ooltewah)

Drew Zaleta (Walker Valley)

Mat Case (Cookeville)

Josh Turner (White County)

D.J. Bowles (Cleveland)

Hunter Daniels (Rhea County)

Hunter Chastain (Bradley Central)

Jervohn Johnson (Ooltewah)

Rondez Mee (Cleveland)






Region 4AAA

District 7AAA MVP: Cedric Williams (Siegel)

District 7AAA Projected Champion: Siegel

District 8AAA MVP: Jarvis Webster (Columbia Central)

District 8AAA Projected Champion: Columbia Central

All-Region 4AAA Pre-Season Team:

Terrence Dixon (LaVergne)

Stephen Hurt (Siegel)

Bobby Wilson (Shelbyville)

Trent Garland (Lawrence County)

Cedrick Carroll (Riverdale)

Brandon Lester (Franklin County)

Cedric Williams (Siegel)

Devanta Hamlett (Columbia Central)

Oscar Butler (Siegel)

Christian Adams (Oakland)

Jarvis Webster (Columbia Central)

Region 5AAA

District 9AAA MVP: Mark Brown (Station Camp)/Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

District 9AAA Projected Champion: Mt. Juliet

District 10AAA MVP: Alex Poythress (Northeast)

District 10AAA Projected Champion: Clarksville

All-Region 5AAA Pre-Season Team:

Kyle Weldon (Rossview)

Daijon Williams (Clarksville)

Zavion Williams (West Creek)

Mark Brown (Station Camp)

Andre Brown (Northwest)

Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

JaQuan Lewis (Dickson County)

Alex Poythress (Northeast)

Anthony Woodard (Gallatin)

Monte Burney (Clarksville)






Region 6AAA

District 11AAA MVP: DeBrell McLemore (Franklin)

District 11AAA Projected Champion: Ravenwood

District 12AAA MVP: Mookie Betts (Overton)

District 12AAA Projected Champion: Overton

All-Region 6AAA Pre-Season Team:

Robert Veal (Ravenwood)

Jack Montague (Brentwood)

Isaac Harris (Hunter's Lane)

Justin Perry (Overton)

Matt Pond (Centennial)

DeBrell McLemore (Franklin)

Devin Robinson (Ravenwood)

Mookie Betts (Overton)

Isiah Harrison (Hillsboro)

Evan Forhetz (Ravenwood)






Region 7AAA

District 13AAA MVP: Justin Williamson (Dyer County)

District 13AAA Projected Champion: Dyer County

District 14AAA MVP: Dierre McElroy (Raleigh-Egypt)

District 14AAA Projected Champion: Bartlett

All-Region 7AAA Pre-Season Team:

Anthlon Bell (Bartlett)

Rod Long (Jackson Northside)

Drew Hildreth (Bolton)

Fred Yarbrough (Dyer County)

Demetrius Dyson (Brighton)

Robert Houston (Craigmont)

Justin Williamson (Dyer County)

Marquarious Boddie (Bartlett)

Dierre McElroy (Raleigh-Egypt)

John Hudson (Dyer County)




Region 8AAA

District 15AAA MVP: Cameron Golden (Ridgeway)

District 15AAA Projected Champion: Ridgeway

District 16AAA MVP: Adonis Thomas (Melrose)/Andre Hollins (White Station)

District 16AAA Projected Champion: White Station/Melrose

All-Region 8AAA Pre-Season Team:

Cedric McAfee (Melrose)

Nino Johnson (White Station)

Jarnell Stokes (Memphis Central)

Octavious Ellis (Whitehaven)

Cameron Golden (Ridgeway)

Adonis Thomas (Melrose)

Kedorian Sullivan (Southwind)

Nick King (Memphis East)

Andre Hollins (White Station)

Kadarrio Fleming (Ridgeway)

Jonathan Williams (Southwind) 

Andre Applewhite (Memphis Central)


District and Regions Sites…….All-Region and Unsigned Showcase Information


The playoffs are now upon us and here are the district and region sites for the various classifications.


Keep in mind these have been ascertained through coaches and various outlets so they may not all the way accurate but should be very close.


I will update sites if needed as they are made available to me.


Quick Note: The Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams will be announced on the following days:

Wednesday 2/16 (Class A/Regions 1-4)

Thursday 2/17 (Class A/Regions 5-8)

Friday 2/18 (Class AA/Regions 1-4

Saturday 2/19 (Class AA/Regions 5-8)

Sunday 2/20 (Class AAA/Regions 1-4)

Monday 2/21 (Class AAA/Regions 5-8)

Tuesday 2/22 (DII/Class A)

Wednesday 2/23 (DII/Class AA)


Quick Note: We have scheduled three sites for the Tennessee Prep Hoops Unsigned Senior Showcases.

March 26th: Walter's State Community College

April 9th: Freed-Hardeman University

April 23rd: Maryville College

Information and sign-ups will be available early next week.


Class A

District 1A                 

Site: Daniel Boone

District 2A

Site: Grainger

Region 1A

Site: Chuckey-Doak

District 3A

Site: Greenback

District 4A

Site: Wartburg Central

Region 2A

Site: Harriman

District 5A                 

Site: CSAS

District 6A

Site: Whitwell

Region 3A

Site: Signal Mountain

District 7A

Site: Livingston Academy

District 8A

Site: Gordonsville

Region 4A

Site: Watertown

District 9A                 

Site: N/A

District 10A

Site: McEwen

Region 5A

Site: Community

District 11A

Site: Culleoka

District 12A

Site: Perry County

Region 6A

Site: Mt. Pleasant

District 13A               

Site: N/A

District 14A

Site: Peabody

Region 7A

Site: West Carroll

District 15A

Site: Riverside

District 16A

Site: Douglass

Region 8A

Site: TCA




Class AA

District 1AA              

Site: Sullivan North

District 2AA

Site: Cumberland Gap

Region 1AA

Site: Sullivan North

District 3AA

Site: Austin East

District 4AA

Site: Scott

Region 2AA

Site: Fulton

District 5AA              

Site: McMinn County

District 6AA

Site: East Hamilton

Region 3AA

Site: McMinn County

District 7AA

Site: Notre Dame

District 8AA

Site: White County

Region 4AA

Site: White County

District 9AA              

Site: Volunteer State

District 10AA

Site: CPA

Region 5AA

Site: Volunteer State

District 11AA

Site: Waverly Central

District 12AA

Site: Hickman County

Region 6AA

Site: Creek Wood

District 13AA            

Site: Dyersburg

District 14AA

Site: Lexington

Region 7AA

Site: Dyersburg

District 15AA

Site: Northside

District 16AA

Site: BTW

Region 8AA

Site: Northside


Class AAA

District 1AAA                       

Site: Science Hill

District 2AAA

Site: Sevier County

Region 1AAA

Site: Science Hill

District 3AAA

Site: Karns

District 4AAA

Site: William Blount

Region 2AA A

Site: Oak Ridge

District 5AAA                       

Site: Rhea County

District 6AAA

Site: Coffee County

Region 3AAA

Site: Rhea County

District 7AAA

Site: Blackman

District 8AAA

Site: Franklin County

Region 4AAA

Site: LaVergne

District 9AAA                       

Site: Gallatin

District 10AAA

Site: Dickson County

Region 5AAA

Site: Gallatin

District 11AAA

Site: Centennial

District 12AAA

Site: Overton

Region 6AAA

Site: Ravenwood

District 13AAA         

Site: Brighton

District 14AAA

Site: Bartlett

Region 7AAA

Site: Munford

District 15AAA

Site: Houston

District 16AAA

Site: White Station

Region 8AAA

Site: Collierville

Kedren Johnson Scores 40 in BCAT All-Star Game

The East versus the West.

The old showdown was in full effect this afternoon as the 2nd annual BCAT All-Star game tipped at Middle Tennessee Christian School.

Kedren Johnson (Marshall County) was a one man gang scoring 40 points and leading the East to a non-defensive 131-121 victory.

Johnson knocked down eight threes in addition to double digit assists.

Nick Ross (Red Bank) was on the recieving end of many of those Johnson dimes as he finished with 27 points on the day.

Leland Robinson (Southside) was the top dawg for the West with 30 points followed closely by Jacob Lloyd (Westview) with 26 and Kadorian Sullivan (Southwind) with 23.

Here is the scoring line for both squads:

East Squad:

Kedren Johnson (Marshall County) 40 pts.

Nick Ross (Red Bank) 27pts.

Lester Wilson (Carter) 19pts.

Dre Mathieu (Knoxville Central) 14pts.

Brandon Lopez (Austin East) 12pts.

Zach Garland (David Crockett) 7pts.

Isiah Harrison (Hillsboro) 6pts.

Lonnie McClanahan (Oak Ridge) 5pts.

Keenan Froedden (Sycamore) 2pts.


West Squad:

Leland Robinson (Southside) 30pts.

Jacob Lloyd (Westview) 26pts.

Kadorian Sullivan (Southwind) 23pts.

Monte Burney (Clarksville) 15pts.

Steven Kaspar (ECS) 14pts.

Phillip Mays (Wooddale) 10pts.

Zavion Williams (West Creek) 4pts.

Blackwell Leads Select Basketball to 14 and Under Crown


Always one of my favorite events of the summer campaign, the 14 and under state tournament brings the next crop of high school players to one gym and gives us a nice peek at what is in store for us for the next four years of hoops in our state.


We spoke to the coaches and even the players to determine what high schools some of the kids will be attending in the fall, most already knew but some players did not and for those we will put (???) to distinguish this till we actually find out. Also keep in mind the schools can and will most likely change so know that going in.


Braxton Blackwell (???) dropped 29 points and Parker Howell (CPA) added 21 as the Select dodged a big 38 point outburst from Keelon Lawson (???) and held on for a 89-85 win over the mighty Memphis YOMCA and the right to be called champions of the 14 and under state tournament held in Alcoa this past weekend.


Blackwell was outstanding from the jump, scoring mostly in transition and finishing with either hand at the rim. He has outstanding size and will be one of the top players in the Class of 2015.


Nick Smith (White Station) had the YOMCA off to the races out of the gate scoring their first 10 points and keeping the score close until some tough scoring chances from Justin Jenkins (Knoxville Webb) and James McPherson (Brentwood) moved the Select in front before the half.


The Select held a 50-43 lead at the half and increased that total to 11 after the end of the third quarter before Lawson put on a scoring display that brought the Y to within four late in the game.


Howell and Wade Eldridge (Livingston Academy) scored big buckets late to keep the Select in front for the final margin of victory.


McPherson finished with 15 for the Select. Terrence Birdsong (???) added 18 for the YOMCA and Smith finished with 14 in the loss.


In the 3rd and 4th place game, the Nashville Celtics got past the War Eagles 62-61 to capture 3rd in the state. Marable led the Celtics with 14 points. DeShaun Douthard (Cane Ridge) finished with 11 and Upton landed on 10. Jerry Hurt led all scorers with 18 in the loss. Mitchell added 11 and Naba Echols (???) ended with 10.


Jorden Bowden (Carter) scored 18 points leading the TCF past the East Tennessee Copperheads for 5th place in the state. Malik McGee (Science Hill) led all scorers with 22 points in the loss.


Windell Graham (Brainerd) scored 18 points as the Chatt-Town Elite finished with a 7th place spot with a win over the Tennessee Thunder. Brenden Teeter (Alcoa) led all scorers with 22 points for the Thunder.


The path to the finals was a tough ride for the Select starting with a big 72-70 victory over the Memphis War Eagles in the opening pool play game. Taylor Vanderbilt (Smyrna) nailed a huge three late in the game to push the Select to the win. Vanderbilt lead the scoring with 18 points followed by Kyle Phillips (Hillsboro) with 14, Howell with 13 and Blackwell with 12. Skal Lobiessiere (ECS) led the War Eagles with 24 points and Jerry Hurt (Memphis Overton) added 20 in the loss.


The going got easier with a 71-35 win over the Tennessee Thunder. Phillips led a balanced attack with 12 markers. Jenkins and Blackwell added 11, while McPherson and Vanderbilt finished with 10 apiece. Joel Graham (William Blount) led the Thunder with 7 points.


92-63 was the margin as the Select bested the Tennessee Chosen Few to wrap up a 3-0 mark in pool play. Howell was tops with 17 points, while Vanderbilt and Blackwell finished with 15 each. Eldridge added 13 and McPherson finished with 11 for the Select.

Kelvin Jackson (Gibbs) led TCF with 16 markers followed by Durell Middleton (Austin East) with 13 and Jacques Bruce (Fulton) with 10.


In the semi-finals, the Select played some of their best basketball of the weekend scoring a resounding 73-39 win over the Nashville Celtics. Blackwell and Jenkins led the scoring with 13 points, while McPherson added 12 and Howell finished with 10 markers. T.J. Steward (Siegel) led the Celtics with 10 points.


For the YOMCA pool play was an easier time starting with a 75-49 victory over the East Tennessee Copperheads. Alandius Delk (Haywood County) and Kyler Douglas (Haywood County) scored 18 and 14 respectively to lead the YOMCA. Rashad Harrington (Science Hill) led the Copperheads with 22 points followed closely by Jaron Parks (Science Hill) with 12.


An 80-61 win over the Chatt-Town Elite brought them to 2-0 behind 12 points from Delk and Lawson. Birdsong and Donte Fitzpatrick (???) finished with 10 points apiece. Marquis Tipton (Brainerd) led Chatt-Town with 15. Calvin Davenport (Ooltewah) added 10 in the loss.


The showcase game of the pool play Saturday turned out to be the YOMCA 83-74 win over the Nashville Celtics. Both teams came into the final pool game unbeaten and looking for a spot in the title game.


Nick Smith was huge for the YOMCA dropping 23 points and Keelon Lawson added 21 in the win. Julian Crutchfield (Lebanon) led the Celtics with 16 points. Also scoring double digits for the Celtics were J.T. Marable (Pearl Cohn) with 14, Ricky Dunnaway (Oakland) and Chase Hawkins (Brentwood) both with 11 and Isiah Upton (East Literature) with 10.


Tomorrow we will select the 25 most impressive youngsters from the 14 and under state tournament with a small write-up for each players.

Final Regular Season Scoring List (Week #12)


The final week of the regular season saw some more folks achieve the 1,000 point milestone and some great efforts as we head into the post season.  


We also look for interesting facts such as 1,000 point scoring milestones and other things of particular interest. If we miss a player please feel free to send me an email at andre@tnprephoops.com and I will make sure he is noticed on the following weeks scoring list.


College coaches have told me this is one of their favorite features as it helps them get an understanding on the pulse of the new season.


Ben Arnold (Cumberland Gap) notched a career high scoring 43 points in a big win against Thomas Walker (VA.).    


Cody Malicoat (Jellico) put his stamp on the Jellico record books notching his 1,000th point this past week.  


Logan Ramsey (Livingston Academy) has been on a tear as of late, the big man has notched the finest year of his career and for his efforts he passed the 1,000 point plateau this past week.

Mark Pope (Forrest) has been the man in District 9A for a few years now, the senior guard slipped past the 1,000 point mark this past week while leading his squad to the district title.


Calvin Walker (Knoxville West) and Jarod Rhodes (Cleveland) kept their respective scorekeepers busy this past Friday night as Walker busted the Blue Raiders for 33 points in a tough victory at Cleveland and Rhodes almost matched his point total scoring 27 in the process.


Jeff Long (Hendersonville) moved past the 1,000 point mark this week with his continued late season heroics on the hardwood.


Alex Poythress (Northeast) had a monumental week, the Kentucky signee was selected to the McDonald's All-American team and then proceeded to out do himself scoring a career high 48 points and grabbing a ridiculous 21 boards as well.


Chase Arnold (Sullivan North) is a name a lot of people may not be familiar with but the rising junior is filling up the stat sheets in upper East Tennessee, fresh off a 40 point night Arnold continued his scoring demonstration notching 26 against Elizabethton.


Leron Black (White Station) had an outstanding game this past week nothcing 35 points in a hard fought victory over Memphis East.




East Tennessee

Ben Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 43pts vs. Thomas Walker (VA)

Tevin West (Sequoyah) 37pts vs. Meigs County

Stetson Moore (Knoxville Halls) 33pts vs. Oak Ridge

Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial) 33pts vs. CAK

Calvin Walker (Knoxville West) 33pts vs. Cleveland

Levi Woods (Meigs County) 32pts vs. Sequoyah

Chase Atkins (Claiborne) 31pts vs. Hancock County

Ryan Hill (Coalfield) 29pts vs. Knoxville Ambassadors

Christian Chandler (Union County) 29pts vs. Grainger

Cedric Nevins (McMinn County) 28pts vs. Ooltewah

Jarod Rhodes (Cleveland) 27pts vs. Knoxville West

Chase Arnold (Sullivan North) 26pts vs. Elizabethton

Cody McClain (Hampton) 26pts vs. Cloudland

DeQuan Wright (Bearden) 26pts vs. Powell

Cory Nelson (Grace Baptist) 25pts vs. CSAS

Jervon Johnson (Ooltewah) 25pts vs. McMinn County


Middle Tennessee

Alex Poythress (Northeast) 48pts vs. Dickson County

Micah Farmer (MTCS) 30pts vs. Santa Fe

Jack Montague (Brentwood) 29pts vs. Ravenwood

Jacob McLennan (Huntland) 28pts vs. Culleoka

Chris Price (Columbia Central) 28pts vs. Franklin County

Brett Guenther (East Robertson) 28pts vs. Aaron Academy

Bret Boatright (Richland) 28pts vs. Summertown

Fitzgerald Hopkins (Lincoln County) 28pts vs. Columbia Central

Ben Wankel (Mt. Juliet Christian) 27pts vs. Providence Christian

Jacob McLeennan (Huntland) 27pts vs. Cascade

Derrick Spears (MTCS) 26pts vs. Eagleville

Derek Durham (Antioch) 26pts vs. McGavock

Zack Castle (Monterey) 26pts vs. Jackson County

Craig Bradshaw (CPA) 26pts vs. MLK

Chris Jackson (Culleoka) 26pts vs. Huntland

Craig Allen (Summertown) 25pts vs. Richland

Heath Mansfield (Lawrence County) 25pts vs. Tullahoma

Connor Peach (Greenbrier) 25pts vs. Goodpasture

Jamonte Graham (Father Ryan) 25pts vs. PJPII


West Tennessee

Leron Black (White Station) 35pts vs. Memphis East

Avery Paxson (SBEC) 33pts vs. Memphis Catholic

Tre Polk (Bolivar Central) 30pts vs. McNairy Central

J.T. Moody (Tipton-Rosemark) 30pts vs. Fayette-Ware

Skal Labissiere (ECS) 30pts vs. Bishop Byrne

Kytrel Williams (Harding Academy) 28pts vs. FACS

Shawn Johnson (Memphis Catholic) 28pts vs. SBEC

Martavious Newby (BTW) 27pts vs. Westwood

Thomas Barnes (TCA) 26pts vs. Riverside

Anthony Cole (Arlington) 26pts vs. Bolton

Cade Peeper (Collierville) 25pts vs. Germantown

Dontavious Sears (Manassas) 25pts vs. Soulsville

Marquarious Boddie (Bartlett) 25pts vs. Cordova