Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Villanova 71-80)

With the Fall Leagues behind me I can concentrate on getting to the evaluations from the Carson Newman Showcase from a weeks back. I had three other evaluators posted, all three were former college coaches and their input is very important to my final analysis. I will post a story for each team from the event.






Villanova (71-80)


#71 Dave Barr (Hamilton Heights)

6-0 PG 2015

Solid competitor and leader from the point guard position, Barr is a fighter and makes his presence felt especially on the defensive side of the floor. He is an adequate shooter but could really up his level by becoming more of a threat from the outside and incorporating more offensive tactics in his repertoire. As mentioned he excels on defense, especially on the ball, and makes his counterpart work excessively hard bringing the ball up the floor, he challenges every pass and reaction from his opponent. He likes to pushes the ball and has no trouble making the advance pass for easy scores.


#72 Jordan Bowden (Carter)

6-3 SG 2015

Silky smooth operator was a consensus choice as one of the top 5 players in the camp, regardless of classification. Bowden has an extensive offensive resume, he can knock down the open three, he has enough ball handling skills to get to the lane and finish yet he plays unselfish and will look to include everyone in the half court set. He has an excellent face-up jumper and gets himself into scoring position as well as anyone in the event. His length makes him a much better help defender but his on the ball defense has improved as he has gotten stronger. The kid has an all around game, does so many things well and is a fine human being. One of the better rebounding guards in the area, Jordan uses his length again to keep possessions alive and get easy scores. He is a winner who is primed for a breakout season this year, get him now while you still can.


#73 Jadon Richmond (Cookeville)

6-2 SG 2015

Nice length and better than average athleticism are obvious characteristics for this rising senior shooting guard. Richmond is an offensive hero, he has a little range, a volume shooter who does not lack confidence and he can run the floor and finish in transition. He is quick off his feet, he has a knack for following his interior misses and converting with effort. Defensively we need to see a more consistent effort, with his length and ability to move his feet Richmond should be a much tougher and useful defender. He seemed more at home when the game was at a faster pace, he really runs the floor well and isn't afraid to go hard to the cup off the wing. Once he commits to making defense a priority he will be set for an outstanding senior campaign.


#74 Jordan Young (Albany, GA)

6-7 PF 2015

Big man with an excellent offensive skill set, he has an array of post moves in the paint and possess excellent size. A good face up shooter with range out the three-point line, consistency with that shot is an issue as he at times seems to fall in love with the deep shot. He was at his most effective with his back to the basket, as he gets stronger and develops a go to move he will be an outstanding scorer at the next level. If he is to work into playing a stretch four on the next level, he will need to tighten his handles and just polish up some of his ball skills; as well as, making that outside shot a weapon. Strength is another area where he can make some strides, this will enable Young to be more of force on the glass and defensively on the interior. Easily the top big man in the camp, Young has the overall skill set to be a very effective player on the next level.


#77 Chase Cerny (CAK)

6-3 SG 2016

Rising junior with a quick offensive trigger, Chase is playing with extreme confidence and it shows with his ability to knock down shots with volume. Fundamentally his shot might need a little tweaking as his rotation is odd but say what you will the results seem to be what you want. He is very comfortable creating his own space and shooting off the dribble, shot selection can be an issue as his confidence allows him to believe every shot is going in. He will need to learn to work harder off the ball and get to open spots and be ready to catch and shoot. As shooting is his weapon of choice, adding more action off the dribble will be his next step. Make yourself hard to guard and be a target for penetrating guards. Defensively, Chase is too good of an athlete to be an average defender. More effort on this side of the floor will complete his game and make him one of the better players on the East Tennessee landscape for the next two seasons.


#78 Jonathan Hewitt (McCallie)

5-10 PG 2017

Crafty young guard is a fun player to watch, he has above average basketball skills mentally and is in dire need of a weight program. A lefty, his outside shot is good but adding strength will add range to his shot and allow him to finish plays in the lane. He has good handles and is an unselfish kid who knows where his players will be when set up in the half court. He advances the ball in transition and runs the floor. As with most kids at this stage of the game strength is the ultimate issue. A kid with this kind of basketball IQ will be a force when his confidence equals his skill level. Adding strength can be translated as adding confidence.


#79 Henley Edge (McCallie)

6-2 SG 2017

Creative scorer is a smooth young player who has some bounce and isn't afraid to get his share of offensive looks. Edge is painfully thin and will benefit like most kids in that age range from adding strength to his overall game. He has the ability to pass with either hand and showed some unique methods for putting the ball in the hole. His shooting touch needs some tweaking and once he gets his confidence he will be an effective defender with his athletic skill and length. Nice young player with a bright future once he puts some size and strength on that willowy frame.


#80 Patrick Moffatt (Knoxville West)

6-2 WF 2018

Rising freshman was not afraid to stick his nose into the grind and battle on the offensive side of the ball; as well as, on defense. He was a surprisingly good position defender using his size to get up on his man. He will obviously need to get stronger and will need to work on becoming more proactive on the offensive side the ball. He played hard and effort was never in question, yet he needs to become aware of placement and being ready to score when in shooting position. What we look for most in those players coming into the high school game is their willingness to compete and not be frightened by the enormity of playing prep basketball. Moffatt seems comfortable on the court and is skill work and dedication away from being an effective high school contributor.