Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Villanova 71-80)

Finally we begin our evaluations from the annual Tennessee Prep Hoops Carson Newman Showcase. This is a lengthy process with evaluations from myself and five college coaches who's input I sought when putting these thoughts and suggestions together.






Villanova (71-80)


  1. Trent Stephney (Bearden) 5'11 PG 2019

Slick lead guard with exceptional quickness, smooth is the right word when describing his effortless motion on the court. He is bringing back the mid-range game with his quick pull-ups and floaters in the lane while he has excellent ball skills and scores well at every level. "Can he guard a college level guard, will he grow, questions maybe concerns yes but I love to watch him play", all interesting takes on the rising junior guard. He needs to work on his shot out to the three-point line and helping others around him get better. A leader, he has vocal skills and shows his fortitude with his effort, he can be the scoring point that seems to permeate the college landscape these days. "Can he be a point guard, a lead guard whose function it is to distribute and be that coach on the floor", concerns as well about if he can make the transition to the traditional lead guard. He needs to add weight and continue getting stronger. He is a competent defender, who can be disruptive. As he grows his level does as well.


  1. Luke Burnett (Heritage) 6'2 SG 2020

"Flat out strokes the ball", "sneaky athlete with a wingspan", the accolades are there for this rising sophomore combo guard from Blount County. He is so skilled at this juncture of his career, he can finish at the rim equally as well with either hand, he has an exception grasp of what is going on, you can play the game through him and he is tough and crafty. Ok maybe he is not the best run and jump athlete on the floor but he possibly the most skilled. He will need to add weight and continue to work on his first step and separation moves. Changing speeds will benefit him greatly and using that stroke to make the rest of the resume a weapon seems right on the horizon. "Really, really love this kid, he is classic in the open floor, he has supreme confidence in his shot and he has unlimited range, when his body catches up, he's a mid-major prospect without a doubt".  


  1. David Deacon (Lenoir City) 6'5 WF 2018

"Painfully thin prospect has some athletic skills and can knock down the open shot", sums up the first look at this rising senior. He plays with a motor, he has very good length, he can score at every level and he has some serious bounce to his game. His body needs major work, go to the gym right now, his lack of physicality takes its toll going to the bucket and finishing his drives. He has questionable toughness, only because his body doesn't appear to be able to handle the rigors of this physical play. He has talent and he is a player who should get some opportunities to play on the next level. He needs to work on his ball-handling as well. As a potential wing having some ball skill will only enhance your recruit ability.     


  1. Sean Oglesby (Knoxville Central) 6'4 PF 2019

He is a work horse, a paint bully who goes after every loose ball and errant carom. He is an undersized post who will desperately need to add some ball skills and outside shooting to his game. He has excellent strength, he is powerful and he finds create ways to put the ball in the basket. "He wishes he was a guard, but he has no outside game to speak of" was some real talk for this rising junior post monster. He is at his best on the offensive boards, he scores in volumes with easy put-backs, short bank shots and creative chances inside the paint. His shooting form needs mechanical work as well. He is the type of player that coaches love, he plays with passion and effort. He loves the game, he craves the chance to get on the floor and compete. If he never finds his way to the perimeter there is still a spot for him somewhere with that work ethic.




  1. Rhett Nelson (Oakdale) 6'3 SG 2019

Angular wing who has the ability to knock down some shots. He has a tendency to get lost in games when he does not have the ball, he will need to work on blending better with his surroundings and making his presence felt by doing more than scoring. He would also benefit from learning to incorporate some point guard skills into his lexicon. He needs to desperately work on his body. His lack of physicality left him scouring the perimeter for loose shooters rather than sticking to his man. He prefers the transition game where his skill level can produce points as opposed to the half-court set where the strength issue rears its ugly head again. He seems to have a feel for what is happening on the floor. He likes to compete and he has some basketball IQ. Strength is the name of the game my friends, it will benefit him in every single aspect of the this game.


  1. Orion Mashburn (William Blount) 6'0 SG 2018

Rising senior is an adequate athlete with some length. His outside shooting form is decent and if given time he can knock down an open shot. He likes to go off the dribble but gets himself in precarious predicaments in the paint, by leaving his feet too early and not having anywhere to complete a play. This is not diving you do not get extra points for degree of difficulty. He will need to seriously work on his motor, he gives up easily on defense and when overmatched physically his body language indicates he has thrown in the towel. Show more aggression, work on his ball-handling skill and incorporate more off the dribble moves to go along with his adequate jumper. Work on your explosion and lateral quickness; as well as, getting tougher and stronger. He loves to play but mentally will check himself out if physically overwhelmed, these are correctable issues, so correct them.   


  1. Tucker Greene (Bradley Central) 6'0 PG 2021

Camp can be frustrating for kids who feel more at home playing in a structured environment with a system of where they need to be on the floor. Rising freshman showed some very nice skill, he really understands how to play, he has good size for his age bracket and he has flashes of quick and productive. Once he becomes more comfortable he will be a player on the rise. He sees plays, he has some leadership qualities and the game can run through him from either guard spot. He will settle into the lead guard role as his mental capacity catches up to his rising skills. At this age we look for completive nature, understanding of the game and a motor. He has this triumvirate and I look forward to his maturation as he grows and his confidence level soars.    


  1. Elijah Njie (Antioch) 5'10 PG 2021

Small young guard who has some above average athleticism and quickness. His skill level is behind his confidence level but his motor is top notch. "He tries to do to much, every play doesn't need to be flashy when the simple play does the job", was one take on his over the top methods. You don't want to take away his creativity but turnovers are a coaches nightmare and excessive flashy mistakes lead to turnovers. He will need to work on his outside game of which he didn't seem to have much confidence. His ball skills were good, he seems to be unselfish and isn't afraid to cozy up to his defender. He plays with effort, he loves to compete, he has the makings of a very capable guard as his body and mentality catch up with his effort and desire. I truly look forward to watching him grow and mature.