Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Vanderbilt)

One of our favorite events of the year took place again this year at picturesque Carson Newman University. The annual Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase tipped off a couple Saturdays ago and now its time to compute all the data and start releasing some evaluations on the attendees.






Cole Gibson (William Blount)

Camp Number: 42

6'0 PG



"Stout young guard who really understands how to play, he has good vision, appears to be very coachable, goes hard to the glass and has an adequate shooting stroke". Positive feedback from everyone on this rising sophomore guard. Fundamentally well ahead of his age group, he cuts well, he gets good spacing for his shot and takes good shots. "His decision making is really good for a young guard, he is tough and fearless, he just needs to get stronger and get more confidence in his shot". He can play both backcourt spots at this juncture, but his bread and butter will be the point. He sees the floor well, he will need to work on his explosion and his lateral quickness to guard that position, especially against the better more athletic teams. I like the direction he is headed, keep working on every aspect of your game.



Devin Lane (Cumberland County)

Camp Number: 43

6'3 SG



Young guard with some length, very thin, has some skills and seems to understand the tempo and flow of the game. "He shows spurts of good play on both ends of the floor, his lack of physicality will hurt him right now but those are issues he can solve if he is willing to put in the work, his shot is a work in progress but fixable, he passes well and takes direction". Get to work on your strength, it will have a remarkable effect on your game and your confidence. He has a solid skill base, he does many things good and could become really good if he has the desire.



Blake Staininger (Pigeon Forge)

Camp Number: 44

6'4 PF



Yes he is an undersized post, yes he needs to work on his face up shooting touch and his foot work but the ultimate compliment, as far as I am concerned came from one of my evaluators, "This kid knows his role, he sets better screens than anyone in the camp, he rebounds, he uses his body to carve out space, he is offensively challenged a bit when he drifts away from the paint, but he can score like a madman with his back to it, he uses both hands equally well, this is a kid that helps you win game, plain and simple". He ran the floor in transition, he has god vision, he sees cutters and he has decent hands. When he gets position he scores. His game will grow exponentially with better shot mechanics and shot selection from the foul line and in, play to your strengths, its that simple. Be prepared for a big senior season.  



Chris Coudriet (Stone Memorial)

Camp Number: 46

6'6 PF



Another big body who is much more effective around the rim. "Strong post moves when he works for position, he protects the ball, keeps his dribble to a minimum and can score around the rim". He showed more aggression as he worked hard for rebounds, he is a solid passer from the wing or out of the double team. "Here is a kid who made a post entry with the bounce pass, I almost jumped out of my chair, that's exactly what your supposed to do, so good to see it executed to perfection". He needs to really work on his foot work, create a go to move, when the defense learns that, work on a counter, be hard to guard, use your size to your advantage. His shooting form needs some mechanical tweaks and be comfortable with your range, don't shoot deep because everyone else is, shoot with confidence and know your limits.


Wyatt Shomaker (Bearden)

Camp Number: 47

5'9 PG



Small guard who has really improved his decision making, becoming confident in his role as a creator and less of a scorer is showing better maturity and basketball IQ. "This kid runs the floor, has really good quickness, shoots very well and gives his best effort on defense despite his lack of size". He is not weak, he will guard you. Understanding when and where to score and pass are his biggest adjustments. His shooting form is one of biggest assets, this should allow him to play some minutes at either guard spot with a pass first lead guard. His size dictates point guard but many systems like a scoring point and the ability to knock down the shot draws the defense and makes the rest of your game just that much more effective.


Rex Edmondson (Creek Wood)

Camp Number: 50

6'5 PF



"He shows moments of solid post play, a quick spin and he uses the glass to complete scores, he will go hard to the bucket and he really gives effort on the glass". There are many positive aspects of his development to praise, he plays hard and he does some post things well. His biggest area for improvement will be his foot work and lateral movement. Some aren't blessed with quickness and explosion, that's fine, but solid foot work and positioning will win out every time. He needs to continue working on his post decisions with the ball, don't play too fast, learn your own tempo and be comfortable with that. "He just tries to do too much at times and creates too many turnovers". Understanding his role, being more comfortable in his abilities and just continue working on making better decisions with the ball, will go a long way into helping develop a better overall skill set.