Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Tennessee 1-10)

With the Fall Leagues behind me I can concentrate on getting to the evaluations from the Carson Newman Showcase from a weeks back. I had three other evaluators posted, all three were former college coaches and their input is very important to my final analysis. I will post a story for each team from the event.





Tennessee (1-10)


#1 Justin Bowlin (Jellico)

5-10 PG 2015

Diminutive point guard with a very high basketball IQ, he plays unselfish and understands the nuisances of running a team from the most important position on the floor. He could be a better scorer, especially within the paint if he used his floater and short jumper more to his advantage, this would help create more space for him to distribute as he would not be as one dimensional on offense and harder to guard. Justin must quit turning his back to the play when he penetrates and making no-look passes which eventually become turnovers most of the time. Decision making is vital for the guy who has the ball 90% of the time on offense.


#2 Jacob Lindsey (Cocke County)

5-11 SG 2015

Lindsey showed some skills off the ball, he moves well and was not shy on offense. Much better athlete than expected and played hard and tough especially when confronted with better opponents. Seemed much more comfortable off the ball than with the ball in his hands. Needs to work on being able to play both spots thus his decision making with the ball will need to be upgraded. His shot selection could be questioned at times as well but his basketball savvy made up for it.


#4 Harper Feltner (Jefferson County)

6-6 PF 2015

Long and athletic, Harper seems comfortable playing inside or out but is certainly more effective on the interior. His size makes him a natural rebounder and he uses his length to get boards out of his area. He will block shots and can start the break with a nice outlet. He can also run the floor and will knock down a three if his fundamentals are on point. He has good upper body strength and is a solid defender in the post, his length and his footwork allow him to guard some on the perimeter. Harper is a player that will play a role for a very good team and do a lot of good things that help you win games.


#5 Seth Clark (McCallie)

6-6 PF 2017

Young and raw this young man has some gifts that need to be nurtured and once his strength and agility catch up with body he will be a very effective player down the road. Clark is a solid defender in the post, he has been coached well, uses his footwork and forearm effectively on post defense. He has a strong body for his age group and will surprise you with his athletic skills and jumping ability. Don't block him out and he will flush an errant shot on you in the blink of an eye. Clark will need to work on his shooting and short dribble drives to make his game more well rounded. One to two dribble moves should free him up for nice short jumpers or quick drives to the hoop.


#8 Tyler Steinmetz (Oakdale)

5-10 SG 2016

Tyler loves to play the game. He plays with passion and toughness, dives on the floor for loose balls and has a will to win. His size dictates point guard but his play fits more into the role of shooting guard. He needs to continue to improve his ball-handling and decision making with the ball when he is in the lead guard role. His unorthodox shooting style can be described as fearless as he will pull from anywhere, bringing up the point of shot selection and again decision making which are essential elements for those who toil in the backcourt. Never question his desire to improve or his will to play, those are never in doubt. Not a great athlete but he competes and uses his body to his advantage when guarding the ball.


#9 Adam Marlow (Jellico)

6-2 WF 2017

Young player who has decent size for a wing and has a solid natural flare for the game. Not an exceptional athlete, in the run and jump sense, but a competitor who again has a nice feel for the game. Showed an adequate shooting touch while competing on both ends of the floor on the glass. Marlow will need to work on his foot speed and lateral quickness especially when confronted with quicker and more athletic players on the wing. Young man is competitive and did not shy away from contact, he battled and will continue to improve as his game and body grow into their own.


#10 R.M. Bradford (Cleveland)

5-10 PG 2018

Incoming freshman got his first taste of varsity action against bigger and stronger competition and more than held his own. Bradford is a quick young guard that defends the ball very well and showed he could be a scorer especially off the dribble. As with most players his age and grade level he will need to get stronger so he can finish plays against contact and not be taken off track when making his drives to the bucket. He will need to work on his outside shooting which seems to be a work in progress. Tough kid who seems to love nothing more than being on the floor. His work ethic will allow him to progress and become a solid contributor very soon on the high school level.