Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Syracuse)

One of our favorite events of the year took place again this year at picturesque Carson Newman University. The annual Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase tipped off a couple Saturdays ago and now its time to compute all the data and start releasing some evaluations on the attendees.






Mason Rothwell (Bradley Central)

Camp Number: 54

6'6 WF



"Nice length, can play on the interior and has the shooting skills to venture out to the wing, runs the floor, posts well, uses the glass effectively and can score on the face up". Rising junior with a multitude of skills, as the previous evaluation stated he does many things well on the offensive end of the floor. His shot has improved and as his confidence grows he can be a lights out shooter. Having grown up in the post he has the ability to establish position and understands how to score with his back to the basket. He is a decent athlete who will need to get stronger, especially if his future is on the perimeter where tougher and more athletic guards will be his assignment on that end of the floor.



Avery Sonenshein (Hardin Valley)

Camp Number: 56

6'4 PF



Rising senior with good size and plays with effort. "Solid post defender, especially on the ball, he goes after rebounds, he screens and rolls hard to the basket, his offensive game needs some work, he lacks foot speed and lateral quickness and his shot selection can be suspect". Knows how to use his size to create scoring chances when the ball was delivered into the post, he was active on the boards which created extra scoring chances. Defensively he was good in the post but when drawn from the basket he has trouble with quicker and more athletic players. He seems to understand the flow of the game and just needs to let the game develop and come to him more, he likes to force the issue on offense instead of just letting things happen.



Isaiah Smith (Farragut)

Camp Number: 57

6'2 SG



"When he is on and everything is going smoothly he might be one of the best shooters in the gym, his shot selection can really be a question mark, he competes, he talks, but he lets everything around him affect his effort". One of the best shooters in the camp, his confidence level in his shot is very high, as stated in the evaluation we quoted, his shot selection can be an issue, but he has gotten much better with this since he has matured. He needs to work on his overall game, become more of a complete guard, shooting is wonderful but at this size you must have some lead guard skills to lean on. He really does try, he loves to play, please stop leaving his feet to pass the ball, stop making  one handed passes that end up as lay-ups on the other end. Value the ball more. "He needs to work on the rest of his game, not just shooting, more emphasis on something off the dribble, getting folks involved and guarding someone".  



Hayden Llewellyn (Jellico)

Camp Number: 58

6'0 PG



"I love when he gets going, shoots well off the dribble, sees the floor, effective finisher at the rim, has some bounce and he still hasn't played a varsity minute in high school". Rising freshman guard is one to watch, he has skills well beyond his age group and he plays hard and with passion. He has a serious feel for the game, he does tend to over dribble at times but he has had the ball in his hands majority of the time so playing with better players will be a new challenge for him going forward. He is a rhythm shooter  and when he plays on balance he scores well. His shot selection can also be in question at time but that will come as he matures and gets more confidence with those around him. Bright future.................YES.



Kole Torres (Cumberland County)

Camp Number: 59

6'2 SG



Lean young lefty guard is not afraid to make some things happen. "He showed a nice drive and dish, he pushes tempo, he is quick with the ball but he is weak physically at this stage of his development, I would like to see him defend with more effort and don't be afraid to get on the floor after a loose ball, he had two opportunities to do so". Its basically the same narrative for most younger players, they need to get stronger and pay more attention to the defensive side of the floor. They go hand in hand, and when the confidence of adding some strength appears, then the effort increases as well. He didn't show much on the perimeter, he projects as a two-guard, so shooting will be a key element of this progression.  



Joltin Harrison (Sullivan Central)

Camp Number: 60

5'11 SG



Young guard plays with effort, talks on defense and seems to understand the tempo and flow of the game. "He rushes his shot almost every time, slow down and just let the game come to you". As we have stated on many occasions when evaluated an incoming freshman it is often obvious to state the lack of size, strength and the other intangibles that come with maturity and weight room visits. I look for effort and how do they react to being guarded by bigger and stronger players, are they timid, are they afraid or do they do the best they can, despite lacking the physical skills. This rising freshman was unafraid, he did his best on both ends of the floor, he sees plays and when more mature will complete them, his shot is a bit erratic but nothing that cant be fixed with time and mechanical work. His size will also dictate more work as a lead guard.