Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Syracuse 41-50)

Year number 11 of the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase is in the books and a special thanks to Carson Newman for the use of their outstanding facilities. We had 90+ players make it down for the showcase and as we begin the evaluations I wanted to inform everyone that I had three college coaches, as well as, myself combine for these player evaluations. They will be posted by Camp Team and will come sporadically over the next couple weeks or so. Let us begin.








Brett Newcomb (Stone Memorial)

5-10 PG 2019

Camp Number: 41

Tough character who isn't afraid to guard you and stick his face in your business. Good shooter when the rhythm is right, he attacks the basket, he looks to pass and again he likes to defend. He is strong, doesn't get moved off his target very often, his size will, keep some away but his effort will make you regret that decision. He needs to stop leaving his feet to make passes and slow down a bit on offense, as he tends to go too fast and creates difficult situations with the ball. Work on a left hand as well and just keep playing your attacking style of basketball, good things will come. I guarantee it.



Jayden Watkins (Nolensville)

6-0 PG 2019

Camp Number: 42

Athletic lefty who showed some quickness with and without the ball. His shooting needs some mechanical work, his release is of the wind up variety and he doesn't appear to have confidence in his shot. "He doesn't play the game with any confidence in his abilities, he has some skills, some others needs some tuning but he is active but his game suffers from his lack of mental toughness". It was a sticking point in almost every evaluation. Like most lefties he has no right hand to speak of and he needs to work on his decision making, as his size dictates lead guard.  



Josh Groomes (Polk County)

5-11 SG 2020

Camp  Number: 43

Compact guard who has made good strides with his conditioning and his skill level. He can shoot the ball with confidence and he has shown more quickness and comes ready to play either guard position depending on who he may have to guard. His handles have improved, his passing has rose up and his body can take some punishment. He will need to work on refining his offensive skills, he still has trouble finishing and his foot work could use another boost as well. Competitor who loves to play and will make someone a great role player who does nothing but help you win.



Dylan Catron (Chilhowie)

6-8 W/PF 2019

Camp Number: 44

"Tall thin post who has delusions of playing guard", the most prominent quote sums up some of the observations on his skills at the camp. Strong post presence who showed an array of offensive moves, a short hook in the lane, his stroke was good and he was excellent at passing out of the double team. His body is ultra thin and this hinders him some defensively against pounders but his length gives him a fall back as he can block shots from the help side and isn't afraid to go after the rebound despite his slight build. He does like to shoot the three and he will fall back on some bad habits, lazy passes and observational defensive at times, but he could be a very functional player if he ascends to the proper level.




Masyn Winningham (White County)

6-2 PG 2020

Camp Number: 46

"I like so many of the things this kid brings to the table, his size and strength, his hustle and his obvious basketball IQ, plenty of areas for improvement but he pleases the eye and intrigues the senses". Tough guard who has a decent stroke and plays with abandon. He needs to work on improving his quickness and explosion and becoming more versed in the art of the lead guard. He sees the game pretty well and his transition will be slow but it will come as this kid works his tail off in the gym and on his body. Work on your handles, your decision making and playing with the correct tempo, slow down make the right play and be deliberate with your actions and decisions.  



Will Biven (Knoxville West)

6-1 SG 2022

Camp Number: 48

"I like this kid, he has a feel for the game and the right temperament to be a really productive player down the road, he hasn't yet played a high school game but his actions speak load and his skill level is emerging", that was a quote from me as I really like the upside of this young player. He has decent size, not super athletic but sleek and engaging with his ability to shoot the ball and finish at the basket. He likes the mid-range and at this point we cant decide if he's a big guard or a smaller wing. Time will tell as he enters the prep ranks this fall for this first taste of high school action. Improving his ball handling skills and passing efficiency will be huge steps toward making the move to the perimeter.  



Braden Clevenger (Carter)

5-11 PG 2020

Camp Number: 49

Positives and negatives dotted the evaluations for this rising junior lead guard from Knoxville. He showed some anticipatory skills in transition making steals and finishing at the other end. He is a decent athlete who doesn't have great size but he does play hard when things are going his way. He has a tendency to force shots and will need to be cognizant of his role on the floor. He has decent handles and likes to push the tempo but often to no avail. Smart ball decisions and a better understanding of his role within the offense will do him a world of good. He is not devoid of talent and he could be a very functional player at the high school level if he embraces his role and makes better in game decisions with the rock in his hands.   



Caden Williamson (Maryville)

5-11 PG 2021

Camp  Number: 50

Yong player showed some decent skills but lacks the physical size and strength to execute on a consistent basis. Decent stroke when left open, good passer from the wing, can knock down the mid-range shot but his lack of physical strength comes into play when he advances towards the basket. His ball-handling needs some work but he knows what plays to make he just doesn't have the body to complete them. His youth is an asset and his skill level will keep him competitive, work on getting stronger and bringing up that confidence. Defensively non-existent because of the lack of body, all things fixable with work and effort.