Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Louisville 51-60)

Year number 11 of the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase is in the books and a special thanks to Carson Newman for the use of their outstanding facilities. We had 90+ players make it down for the showcase and as we begin the evaluations I wanted to inform everyone that I had three college coaches, as well as, myself combine for these player evaluations. They will be posted by Camp Team and will come sporadically over the next couple weeks or so. Let us begin.







Gavin Clevenger (Carter)

5-11 PG 2019

Camp Number: 51

Small guard who drew some consistent praise for his effort. He pressured the ball on defense and showed some quickness on the offensive end of the floor. He hit a few shots and overall the news was again consistent. His size is and will always be a factor, defensively especially where his effort kept him in the game, he was often overwhelmed by size and athleticism. He needs too understand his size again dictates lead guard, like it or not. He will want to endear himself to some of those concepts such as passing the ball, decision making and getting his teammates involved.



Bryce Buchanan (Greeneville)

5-7 PG 2019

Camp Number: 52

Miniscule lead guard who isn't afraid to compete, he can shoot the ball when left open and when his arc is correct. He has a flat release more often than not. He showed quick hands and wasn't afraid to push the ball up the floor. His lack of size and strength make it hard for him to be effective on a consistent basis. He can play a decent floor game, he understands his role in the offense, shoots when open and does try to get his teammates involved in the game. He plays unselfish but doesn't have the mass to complete plays and create scoring chances for himself.  



Noah Harris (FBA)

6-3 SG 2020

Camp  Number: 53

"Be smart with your size, play within your skill level and do not ever play too fast", was a clear and concise description of the ebb and flow for this rising junior semi-post. He showed no fear on either end of the floor, he crashed the boards, his shooting is decent and even better from the mid-range and he has good size. His foot speed is an area where he will need to make major strides. Explosion and ball skills are vital to any thoughts of playing at the next level. The game tends to speed us up when in fact nothing could be worse for some players. Control your environment, create your own tempo, know your strengths and make them your cornerstone, the effort and basketball IQ are there, now lets get in better shape and work on our athleticism.


Connor Haskell (Berean Christian)

6-4 SG/WF 2019

Camp Number: 54

"This kid is growing on me, not super athletic but does a great deal of things pretty well, he has size and some ball skills, shoots it awkwardly but effective and he competes". Young man showed some fine improvement as the day went along. His shooting touch is good, some tweaking of his release and his mechanics wouldn't hurt but his confidence is what makes baskets. His mid-range is even better than his deep shooting and he finishes well enough when attacking the glass using either hand. If his goal is to venture out to the perimeter we will need to tighten those handles and make himself into a versatile enough guard to where he could handle some time at either backcourt spot. His length should entice his wanting to be a better defender, nothing will improve your stock quicker than becoming an above average defender, all the skills are there.



Mason Rothwell (Bradley Central)

6-5 W/PF 2021

Camp Number: 55

So many good and not so good things were said in the various evaluations for this rising sophomore post/wing, it was an interesting dichotomy to read what everyone liked and did not like as we move forward. Myself, I like a great deal of things that he does on the floor. He seems more comfortable at this stage with his back to the basket, he has adequate foot work and showed some scoring skills with either hand and over either shoulder as well. He does like to drift out to the perimeter and take shots. His touch is not ideal but he shoots with confidence and it appears to be a part of the game he wants to get better at. "Tall guard who tends to wander around aimlessly when he doesn't have the ball, he showed he could score on the block but seems to favor working on his guard skills". His youth is his biggest asset, he has size and is a more than competent high school player. He works hard, has a basketball IQ and will consistently prove those that doubt him wrong as he becomes one of the better scorers in his class state wide. If your wondering I like him, a lot.



Patrick Smith (Goodpasture)

5-10 PG 2021

Camp Number: 56

One of the best surprises of the entire camp for me. Young guard with an amazing feel for the game, he is physically weak but he sees plays, he makes plays with his skill and quickness, he has a grasp on tempo, a vital gift for any guard, young or old, and he competes. He can really shoot the ball, nice step back and release, keeps his head up and is a capable defender despite his lack of size. He is quick and really understands how to play despite his lack of seasoning. Once his body catches up, he will be one we talk about on a much grander scale. Cant wait for what happens next with this kid.  



Caleb Wilson (McEwen)

6-1 P/SG 2021

Camp  Number: 59

"Aggressive kid who likes to push the ball, he has some serious skills, good feet and moves well without the ball, some length and some IQ". Pleasant surprise from this rising sophomore from Middle Tennessee. Youngster who played aggressive from the time he got there till the time he left. He finished at the rim, he attacks and his first step is explosive. He is good off the bounce but still needs to work on some decision making. He does tend to force the issue, maturity will take care of some of that. He needs to understand tempo and changing speeds to make himself even more dynamic off the dribble. Not much mention from anyone about his shooting, so obviously there's an area for improvement.



Isaiah Smith (Farragut)

6-2 SG 2021

Camp Number: 60

"This kid might be the best shooter in the camp, but he often doesn't understand the difference between and good shot and a terrible one". Tough guard who has some length and as already mentioned is a dynamic shooter. He is vocal, talks on defense and loves to direct traffic on offense. He is undoubtedly a two guard but his handles are not tragic and he has a good feel for the game, so maybe some point guard talk is not out of the equation. His body language is an area where he will really need to focus. I'm a big body language guy and so are most coaches. Slumping when things don't go your way, reacting to a teammates failure to finish after you make a great pass will be areas of the game where maturity and leadership will go a long way. The kid is a competitor and someone you want on your squad. Look for him to be one of the top players in the area in a few seasons.