Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Indiana 81-90)

Year number 11 of the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase is in the books and a special thanks to Carson Newman for the use of their outstanding facilities. We had 90+ players make it down for the showcase and as we begin the evaluations I wanted to inform everyone that I had three college coaches, as well as, myself combine for these player evaluations. They will be posted by Camp Team and will come sporadically over the next couple weeks or so. Let us begin.








Hunter Holt (Hancock County)

5-8 PG 2019

Camp Number: 81

Tough little guard has shown some real improvement in his overall game. He played in your face defense, he switched and communicated with others. His offense has improved as well, his shot was adequate and he showed much more confidence in his ability to knock them down. He has improved fundamentally and used the hesitation dribble to get into the lane and keep his teammates happy. He went to the basket hard and finished drives and showed some leadership from the lead guard position. Adding some strength will continue to help his overall game as his size will always be an issue and its something you wish could be addressed, well it cant so keep working on your game and get ready for a very productive senior season.



Trey Prater (Carter)

6-2 SG 2019

Camp Number: 82

Wonderful athlete who truly seems to enjoy the whole scene and what is taking place on the floor. He plays with heart and passion, he is a decent shot and he can run and jump all day long. He is a solid defender and with his length this could be what carries him to the next level. His skill level needs an uptick in almost every category and he needs to improve his basketball IQ. He likes to force shots, he puts himself in bad spots on the floor and his emotions can also get the best of him, forcing him to make decisions that really don't define him as a player. He has a flair for the dramatic, he likes the fancy assist, he is a high flyer so the dunk is always in the equation. He seems like a coachable kid when his emotions are in check and he is the type that coaches love to mold with the gifts he already possesses.



Brett Boling (William Blount)

6-2 PG 2019

Camp  Number: 83

Positive notes everywhere for this rising senior. Team guy who really does a great many things that help teams win ball games. He lacks speed, quickness and athleticism but he plays with guts and toughness and makes winning plays. He sets picks, he will defend and he crashes the offensive glass despite a lack of size. He is an intangible squire who does so many things to help you win. He doesn't require the ball in his hands to be effective, he is low maintenance and just wants to win. Continue to do what you do, work on your quickness, speed and athleticism and help your team win games this year.



Kavon Blankenship (Station Camp)

6-3 SG 2020

Camp Number: 84

Really impressed with his ability to put the ball in the basket. Good size for a guard, willing defender and the lost art of the mid-range shot has found its way into his repertoire. Lefty can step out and knock down the long shot as well. He loves to use the head fake and has a decent first step, his handles need some tightening as he keeps the ball to far from his body in traffic but he has a feel for the game that wont go away. He finished at the rim despite contact and really seemed to bond with his guys in the short time they were together, showing he could adapt to most every playing style. One of the player who truly caught our eye at the event.



Ahmad Belton (Knoxville Central)

6-3 PF 2021

Camp Number: 85

Good size youngster who really wishes to be a guard but has some seriously decent skills in the post despite being a bit undersized. Strong body, he understands how to use his space, he can score off the block and he is an excellent passer who sees cutters and makes good decisions with the ball. He can rebound and when he gets in better basketball shape he could be an excellent rebounder. He needs to finish better inside when the contact comes and not give up on plays when he doesn't convert the first time, keep plugging away, go get another board, finish the play. As he grows he can add some perimeter things to his game but start with what works, play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses on your own time.



Luke Etherton (CAK)

6-2 PG 2020

Camp Number: 87

Average sized guard who showed some promise with his shooting touch and his knowledge for the game. He had a tendency to get lost in some situations and needs to remain more focused and engaged in the game. Camp basketball doesn't always bring out the best in every player, some guys are much more focused in their team setting as camp games tend to be guard oriented and can get out of hand. Playing without the ball is an area where he will need to work and not forcing the issue when the ball does get into his hands. He has some skills, like we said his shooting and his basketball IQ will get him minutes this season.



Carter Metz (Cherokee)

5-11 PG 2022

Camp Number: 88

Young guard who has a true feel for the game but once again lacks the physical tools to make the plays he sees in his mind. We continue to bring up the obvious when it comes to the young players in the camp, the size and physicality of the high school game is something they will really need to embrace if they wish to flourish as they move up the ranks. This kid can shoot the ball, he sees the floor and seemingly makes good decisions, he just doesn't have the body to complete those plays. His shot needs some minor mechanical tweaking, higher releases and extension to avoid the pushing of the shot. I like his demeanor and he wants to be a good player, so I see him working on his body and making those plays down the road. I have no doubt.



Kaleb Bunton (Cleveland)

6-2 WF 2021

Camp  Number: 89

Young player with a decent build and some emerging skills. He played a bit wide eyed at the beginning of the camp, maybe unsure of his skills and how to mesh with the others. He seemed to force the issue at times, taking unusual shots and not playing within the framework of what we were trying to accomplish. Once he settled in things got much better. He has some offensive skills, he shoots adequately and has a nice feel for the game. He needs to work on his quickness and explosion and become more of an athlete if he wants to turn that corner. He knows how to play and what it takes, its as simple as keep working and just become more consistent with the overall effort.


Jack Brown (FBA)

6-2 SG 2021

Camp Number: 90

Solid player who can stroke the ball, has some handles and knows how to put the ball in the proverbial hole. He has decent size for a guard and has emerging strength which will truly help him as he works on his short game, his one and two dribble moves and mid range shooting touch. He sees the floor, he plays unselfish and he plays hard. He isn't a great athlete, he needs to work on some foot work and agility and explosion drills so he can get better athletes on his hip and use his size and strength to complete plays at the rim. He works hard and is a coachable young man who has a big time future ahead of him.