Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Illinois 91-100)

Year number 11 of the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase is in the books and a special thanks to Carson Newman for the use of their outstanding facilities. We had 90+ players make it down for the showcase and as we begin the evaluations I wanted to inform everyone that I had three college coaches, as well as, myself combine for these player evaluations. They will be posted by Camp Team and will come sporadically over the next couple weeks or so. Let us begin.







Austin Coffman (Washburn)

6-1 SG 2019

Camp Number: 92

Capable senior guard showed some promise with his shooting ability, despite a slower than preferred release. He passed the ball well, seemed to follow directions and showed some adequate handles with the basketball. He likes to play with the ball a bit much despite a, from we could ascertain, really solid basketball IQ. He really needs to work on his foot work and explosion. He lacks athleticism to guard this position at a high level but he plays hard and his effort will allow him to compete at the proper level for his skill set. He talks on defense which we like very much and seemingly likes to get everyone involved. I'd like to see him show much more aggression defensively and taking the reigns with his leadership on offense. The chatter is great but back it up with even more aggression, you will see it pay dividends immediately.



Tai Cates (First Lutheran)

5-10 PG/SG 2023

Camp Number: 93

Youngest player in the camp as he begins his 8th grade season. He is getting by on his physicality at this juncture of his development so adding a formidable skill set will be priority one for this youngster. He can shoot the ball, seemingly understands the offensive side of the game, especially when the ball is in his hands. He will need to work on his overall basketball IQ, becoming more familiar with the concept of moving without the ball, creating for others and being more productive in more areas of the game. He likes to leave his feet to do everything, stop this immediately. He has some natural physical gifts which allow him to compete with players two years his senior. If he works on his skill set, he will be one to watch in the coming years.



Robbie Rusciano (McEwen)

6-5 SG 2020

Camp  Number: 94

He passes the look test with his length and athleticism. He can stroke the ball, he is what we call a confidence shooter. When he feels it everything, fundamentally is working right, when he doesn't he tends to shorten his release, slow his release or just force the issue. He has decent foot work but needs to work on his strength. He is thin but he isn't afraid to go hard to the bucket. He needs to finish better but adding some strength will take care of this issue. He has the ability to hit the short jumper, explode and nail the pull-up, or use that quick first step and go hard to the bucket. As his shot becomes more confident his overall game will flourish, as he understands how to play. He will need to work on playing the game without the ball in his hands. Moving to open spaces, becoming "the option" on offense and letting everything run through his skill set. He likes to pass, is seemingly unselfish and doest mind going to the glass for boards. He uses both hands well around the bucket. His length and bounce should make him a terrific defender but his lack of strength keeps him from taking chances. A big season awaits and an even bigger summer lies ahead for him. Good things are a comin.


Ben Knight (Lakeway Christian)

6-6 PF 2020

Camp Number: 95

"He is showing much more aggression than I have seen in the past, His foot work really needs to improve, he needs to work on playing the game in straight lines and his post skills need to include coming to meet the entry pass instead of laying back and waiting for it to arrive". Emerging post prospect has shown real flashes of improvement but his consistency is where we need to see the biggest jump. He has shown with time he can shoot the short shot, he is a decent athlete who will block shots and get rebounds, but again consistency from possession to possession is where we need to see the biggest leap. He needs to work on his concentration and finishing around the basket better. he can score over either shoulder and has shown flashes of really intriguing offensive skills, baby steps, let improve this effort from 40% to 60% and keep rising from there.



Matthew Sells (Livingston Academy)

6-2 SG 2021

Camp Number: 96

"Silky smooth guard who has the total package", someone really loves your game. Young off guard who is a rhythm shooter, has range to very deep and can score off the bounce using either hand. Plays smart, understands the game, knows when to attack and when to observe. He can knock down the mid-range shot and is a good enough athlete to give his defender nightmares about his scoring prowess. His handles are adequate but he tends to extend the ball much to far from his body and will have issues with quick and defensive minded defenders if he doesn't work on this. He could add some lead guard into his repertoire, as he passes the ball well but does have a scoring mentality at this juncture of his development. His body needs to get stronger as his competition level increases, especially in the summer.



Bryson Hurst (Pigeon Forge)

5-5 PG 2022

Camp Number: 97

Small young guard showed no fear despite his lack of verticality playing against the older and stronger players at the camp. He got after it on defense and really played hard the entire time. His offensive skill set needs a great deal of work but his effort and love for this game was apparent. He needs to learn to keep his head up when he has the ball, his size is already an issue so make sure you observe the floor with your eyes away from the ground. He needs to work on his handles and confidence in his shooting ability. He is a pass first kid and increasing his basketball IQ is paramount to his development.



Parker Rothery (Heritage)

5-11 SG 2021

Camp Number: 98

"This kid can flat out shoot the rock", without a doubt one of the best shooters in the building. He can let it fly from anywhere in the gym and has range within reason. He understands the game and moves well without the ball. He can play either guard spot but has a penchant for scoring at this phase of his development. His size could dictate a move to the lead guard spot and his basketball IQ will make this a solid transition. He needs to continue to play within his strengths, he likes to dribble to absolute excess and often gets himself in bad situations because of this. He is an opportunistic defender who likes to get involved on the help side but needs to work on his quickness and foot work to guard straight up man to man. He will need to add strength as he is slight built. This will increase his range and stamina to continue his fundamentals late in games. I like where his skill set is taking him.



Bryson Boles (Rockwood)

6-2 WF 2021

Camp  Number: 99

Young competitor who gives maximum effort and never gives up on a play. He will need to work on getting in better shape and becoming a better athlete in the process. He has a decent scoring touch but he does his best work on the glass. He goes after every rebound, like we already mentioned he doesn't give up on plays and he gets his fair share of offensive gems with his effort. He is undersized for the post at this juncture but he is forced to play this at his school. He tends to overuse the dribble when he doesn't have an idea of where to go in the half court. He is a smart player who doesn't have to have the ball in his hands to be effective. Work on your body, your quickness and foot work and your stroke as you move up the rungs in your basketball hierarchy.



Cade Standifer (Bearden)

6-2 WF/PF 2022

Camp Number: 100

Young player who is seemingly more comfortable with his back to the basket. He plays hard but does lack some athleticism and quickness, which are aspects of the game he will need to strongly embrace moving forward. He can score on the block, does get his fair share of rebounds and plays with effort on defense. Again his foot work and lateral skills need an upgrade as he enters the prep ranks for the first time. His shot is a work in progress as it has some wind-up elements that will need to be worked on. He needs to work on his body, become quicker and more athletic and add some offensive skills to your arsenal. The work ethic will not be an issue and he is a team kid all the way.