Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Illinois 91-100)

Finally we begin our evaluations from the annual Tennessee Prep Hoops Carson Newman Showcase. This is a lengthy process with evaluations from myself and five college coaches who's input I sought when putting these thoughts and suggestions together.







Illinois (91-100)


  1. Calhib Edwards (CSAS) 5'7 PG 2020

"If your that small, you must be a facilitator, and he is", basically sums up the consensus of how the group felt about this rising sophomore from Chattanooga. He handles the ball well but tends to dribble to excess. He has confidence in his shot but it is of the push variety, he will need to work on tweaking his fundamentals a bit. He is unselfish and he gets it but I would like to see him create for others on a more consistent basis. His shot selection can be in question and he tends to play at an accelerated rate too often to his detriment. I love his quickness, he\is desire and his will, those other concerns are cosmetic and can be fixed as he his body gets stronger and his decision making becomes more mature. I admit to be harder on those kids who I think are ready to turn the corner and become player whom everybody in the state will know, he is right on that border.


  1. Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) 6'3 SG 2018

Steady competitor who appeared a bit rusty but has the build and the IQ to be a very recruit able player on the correct level. A really good shooter who is effective off the bounce, he has range to the deepest portions of the gym. He is skilled, yet not overtly athletic. He runs the floor well and needs to work on being more aggressive without the ball. He can score at all three levels and looks the part. As he gets back into the groove the rust will quickly dissipate and he will be leading his squad to several victories. "He is a dependable player, he is steady, he is skilled and he can knock down shots, that's a fabulous combination for a coach". He will need to work on his explosiveness, becoming more adept off the dribble and incorporating some mid-range work into his overall resume.


  1. Brady Ragland (Cookeville) 6'0 SG 2019

Solid player who has a nose for the ball. He has the ability to knock down some perimeter jumpers and has a quick release on his shot. He has some quickness and is really solid off the bounce as well. He needs to incorporate some lead guard skills into his game as his size dictates he be competent at both guard spots. He has a tendency to lose focus at times and disappear during the game. He needs to be more aware of his surroundings and work on his body, strength and explosion. "A scrapper, he finds ways to score, he keeps possessions alive and he seems willing to work", was one of the many evaluations pointing out the many contributions for this rising junior. Consistency was the topic of discussion that seemed to be brought up during every evaluation. Positives galore but working on staying more involved, even when your not in possession of the ball will be critical in your development as an all around player.     


  1. Dillon Fountain (Wartburg Central) 6'4 WF 2018

Underrated athlete with length and bounce. He runs the floor, plays athletic but needs to work on his body. His shot has a funny release but he shoots with confidence and makes his fair share. "Plays too vertical, needs to be shot ready and triple threat aware", said one evaluation about this rising senior wing. "He needs polishing, I love his length and his athleticism but he needs to assert himself more into the flow of the game, stop waiting in the shadows", was another quick evaluation of his skills. The positives were many but to a man they site consistency, being more involved on both ends of the floor and using your gifts to be a more productive player. Could this be the push that you need? As he searches for a position adding some off the dribble moves will increase your offensive production and also open up space for your shot.




  1. Shamarcus Brown (Bearden) 6'4 PF 2019

"Spectacular on the offensive boards, instinctive rebounder who keeps possessions alive and is an ultra valuable player to a team setting", seems to sum up the consensus of the undersized inside rising junior from Knoxville. He is crafty, he plays hard and he understands his role on the court. "He's undersized in the post depending on which level your talking about, but this kid has a nose for the ball, he loves the contact and he finds a way to make 50/50 balls more like 80/20 balls in his favor", coaches love this I need to emphasize. He gets his points on put-backs, short step back jumpers, he's left handed which is a major advantage on the interior. As he expands his game, more emphasis on working on his ball-handling and shooting will only increase his value. "This is the type of kid who helps you win championships, because he is unselfish, doesn't require the ball in his hands to win and makes everyone around him better", simply put I'd take him in a heartbeat.  


  1. Andrew Williford (Pigeon Forge) 6'1 SG 2019

Lefty shooter who plays with effort but needs to work on his skill level to be more of a contributor. He likes to shoot but will need to work on his form and speeding up his release. He plays with effort but will need to work on adding some explosion and lateral quickness into his game to be more effective. He struggled to score at times when the game got faster and more physical. He appears to be more of a system type of player, where he needs to understand where he belongs on the floor. Some players just do not function well in the chaos of a camp setting and prefer knowing where they need to be in a structured half court setting.  


  1. Ty Hurst (Carter) 6'1 PG 2020

Impressive length on this youngster, a rising sophomore from Knoxville. He has a decent shot and good size for his age group, he plays hard and once his strength level catches up with his skill level, he will be a productive player. He has a tendency to dribble too much at this juncture and if he is to play the lead guard he will seriously need to work on his decision making. "Deer in the headlights, but I like his length and his enthusiasm. He does many things well and if he is willing to work, he could be a really good player down the road", seems to be the conclusion for most every evaluation of this youngster. "Stay focused, he can get lost when he doesn't have the ball in his possession, work on being productive without the ball and become more engaged on the defensive side of the ball, your too good of an athlete to be a wishful defender".   


  1. Collin Gore (Upperman) 5'9 PG 2021

Tough youngster with some skills. He showed he was neither afraid nor shy about shooting the ball, he has range and he plays with confidence, which is something we look for heavily in players of this age group. He has a small body but he is unafraid of the contact, he will stick his nose into the fray and live with the circumstances. "He needs to get better at being a creator, getting everyone involved and being the leader", his youth is all that is keeping him from being all he can be. He really has a nice confident stroke and as his body matures this will only get better. I look forward to watching him grow. "Hard-headed is what he is, tough and gritty for such a youngster, I love it", the comments were positive all around.


  1. Joshua DeArmond (William Blount) 5'10 SG 2018

Small guard who has the ability to knock down an outside shot when his fundamentals are sound. He is a catch and shoot kid who seems to have a feel for the game just lacks the overall athleticism to be more than a contributor. His size also dictates that he work on his ball-handling and decision making skills so that he can incorporate some lead guard work into his resume. Like we mentioned, he has the ability to shoot the ball and can be effective from deep when the game is pllayed at the appropriate pace. He isn't afraid to defend, he just doesn't have the body mass or strength to effect change. Here is a kid who loves to play, he gives effort and he does his best, what more can you ask.