Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: Group B


The Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman went off without a hitch as over 100 players from the vicinity showed up and played hard for the day. Here are the evaluations based on information ascertained from myself and three other competent sources I had making observations on that day.



Group B

Villanova (B1)

71) Terdarius Thomas (Oak Ridge) 2012

Competitor who played hard especially on the defensive end of the floor, Thomas has a habit of over dribbling and will need to finish better at the basket. He is excessively right-handed yet challenged the basket against bigger defenders.


72) Steven Williams (Georgia) 2012

Small guard who showed an ability to shoot the ball and convert when left open, Williams plays hard but needs to demand the ball more in the half court and distribute. He desperately needs strength which should help him finish at the rim better.  


73) Andy Barnett (Pigeon Forge) 2012

One of the best shooters in the entire showcase, Barnett pushes the ball hard and is not afraid to mix it up on the inside. He rebounded his position well and turned those caroms into early offense. Ball-handling improvement will benefit him on the next level as will having more confidence in his drives to the bucket.  


74) Joseph Hairston (Loudon) 2013

Decent size and an uncanny ability to get to the rim regardless of his defensive opponent, Hairston has a nose for the ball and as already stated really gets to the bucket. He has good quickness and a nice first step but will need to tweak his outside shooting to become an all around better player.  


75) Hunter Chastain (Bradley Central) 2012

Intangibles make Chastain a valuable asset to any team he is a member of. Not a great athlete but he makes up for this with effort, understanding the positioning aspect of the game and simply outworking his opponent. He gets countless offensive opportunities with sheer will and has an adequate outside shot as well.


76) Evan North (CAK) 2012

Adequate shooter who as he gains more confidence will knock down more open looks. Needs to improve his ball-handling and passing skills, North needs to get more aggressive and active on the offensive side of the ball. Make things happen when the ball is in your hands, become a weapon.


79) D.J. Pennington (Oneida) 2012


Very intelligent player who has a nice feel for the game and will be an effective high school player, Pennington needs to increase his foot speed and work on lateral quickness and strength. His shot release needs some tweaking but he gives effort and has a passion for the game which will keep him on the floor.  




Indiana (B2)

81) Michael Norris (Dobyns-Bennett) 2012

"He took a charge-Are you serious?..I love it" was what one evaluator wrote in his analysis about Norris. Very heady guard understands defensive positioning and gets after it at all times on the court. He can score when called upon but plays steady and smart at the lead guard position. A great decision-maker and a wonderful passer in the transition game as well.


83) Gabe Dando (Alcoa) 2012

Solid player who can knock down the open shot and has enough size and skill to put the ball on the floor and finish at the rim. He has a high basketball IQ combined with a passion for the game. He needs to improve his explosion with the ball and get more lift on his jumper against better athletes. Foot work drills and explosion techniques will benefit him greatly.  


84) Ryan Gaiter (Daniel Boone) 2013

Strong guard plays the game at his own pace and is effective getting to the bucket despite not being an explosive athlete. He has a good outside stroke, lefty as well, and uses the ball fake very well to create scoring space for himself. As he continues to compete against bigger, stronger athletes he will need to work on his ball-handling and decision making skills from both guard spots.  


85) Aaron Miller (Elizabethton) 2013

Hard inside worker who has added a decent stroke from the mid-range to compliment his arsenal, Miller needs to use the two-dribble move more effectively and take some of his defenders to the bucket and score. He needs to work on his lateral quickness and foot work especially on defense.


87) Tyleke Love (Dobyns-Bennett) 2014

Talented young player who has a knack for scoring the ball and plays at a good pace, Love has a good first step and can knock down the outside shot if left open. At his size he will need to work on becoming more of a leader at the point guard spot, which entails better decision making with the ball and finding his open teammates more frequently. He has a nice game and skill set with which to work.


88) A.J. Anderson (Dobyns-Bennett) 2013

Solid athlete with decent size who showed some game off the bounce, Anderson needs to play the game with more purpose and use more of his athletic skills to score and compete. He shot the ball quickly not letting the game come to him and making better basketball decisions. He has a skill package to work with.


89) Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central) 2013

Starting to show more of an aggressive nature inside, Fountain has a very nice post spin move and will take the ball to the bucket at any time. His mid-range game is good and should be more of a weapon for him. He has solid fundamentals lacking only strength to make him a force to be reckoned with on a daily basis.


90) Sam Gregory (Walker Valley) 2014

Young post presence does a lot of good things inside, he bangs on the glass, gets inside position and plays hard on every possession. He runs the floor well and like most young posts his offensive will catch up as he becomes more confident in that role. He needs to strengthen his hands to catch the entry pass more effectively and work on lateral quickness and foot speed.  



Illinois (B3)

91) Stephen McQueen (Fairview) 2012

Heady point guard who is willing to knock down the open shot when left open, McQueen has a nice feel for the game and never forces the issue in either the half court or transition scoring opportunities.


92) Sam Greene (Bearden) 2013

Continues to improve each time he steps on the court, Greene has a big time motor, can play either guard spot, shoots it effectively and always plays in attack mode. He is a good passer and was solid in transition with his decision making. He was highly praised by all evaluators who saw his play.  


93) Zach Howard (Science Hill) 2012

Excellent shooter and an active defender, is how one evaluator described Mr. Howard. He plays with confidence and is an effective passer to the post. As he becomes more comfortable with the lead guard spot, Howard will need to tighten his handles and work on his overall decision making. He could create more scoring opportunities for himself with more aggressive drives to the bucket.


95) Drew Standifer (Bearden) 2012

Solid player in every facet of the game, Standifer can score from inside or out, he passes well, and he is an excellent rebounder, and makes a nice outlet pass. His game off the dribble has improved, as has his outside shooting stroke. He will be a viable player on the next level without any question.


97) Garrett Stults (Clarkrange) 2013

Solid off guard who showed an effective handle against some quick defenders, Stults knows how to use his body to create scoring space and is adept at using the pump fake to draw fouls. He needs to improve his outside shooting as a guard and become a more effective defender.


100) Patrick Oakes (Bearden) 2012

Decent sized post presence who was solid in the half court and when the game was played at a slower pace. He needs to sprint back on defense and make himself available for easy chances in transition. Fundamentals are good but improved foot work and lateral quickness will benefit him this season.





Michigan (B4)

101) Aaron Allmon (Austin East) 2012

Played well in the showcase and showed more leadership skills than I have seen in the past, Allmon is a solid on ball defender and is pesky in the passing lanes. He is an average offensive threat who needs more confidence in his outside shot. He played very unselfish and saw the floor well in transition.


102) Kelton Brzostowski (Happy Valley) 2013

Strong minded point guard who when he wanted took the ball to the bucket strong and made things happen. Much too often he pulled it back out when he had ample opportunities to attack and use his biggest asset. He used a nice step back move to get off a decent shot. Continue to work on your decision making as a team leader and point guard.  


103) Cameron Colverd (Bledsoe County) 2012

Much better athlete than he gets credit for, Colverd is a bouncy player who can finish but needs to tweak his shooting form to make it more of a weapon for himself. He works the glass hard and is a glue guy who makes his team better and more competitive. He needs to grow his confidence on offense and use his skills to create more scoring opportunities.


104) Chase Beaty (Clarkrange) 2013

Hard nosed undersized competitor is not afraid to mix it up, Beaty needs more confidence on offense as he tends to roam the perimeter and rarely gets lower than the three point line. Just needs to become more offensive minded, he has the ability to be more productive in that arena.


105) Carson Brooks (Knoxville West) 2012

When he is in the offensive flow he can be devastating, Brooks is a beast for any defender down low as he plays with a motor and grabs loose boards and gets a lot of put backs and offensive chances. He seems ore comfortable with his back to the bucket, but will need to add ball-handling and a consistent outside shot to his repertoire as he advances to the next level. His potential is limitless.  


106) Eshaul Adams (Dobyns-Bennett) 2013

Has a good shot with extended range despite sometimes getting it off flat, Adams has a scoring mentality and tends to dribble the ball entirely too much. He will need to work on his decision making from the lead guard position and getting everyone involved in the game if he is to control the ball. Strength will be another issue as he advances in high school.


108) Adam Houser (Midway) 2013

Perpetual motion on offense as he keeps moving without the ball, Houser showed he could shoot the ball despite an unorthodox delivery his shot found the mark. He was a solid defender especially on the ball and used his basketball smarts to guard much quicker and stronger defenders.