Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: Group A


The Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman went off without a hitch as over 100 players from the vicinity showed up and played hard for the day. Here are the evaluations based on information ascertained from myself and three other competent sources I had making observations on that day.



Group A

Tennessee (A1)

1) Tyler King (Scott) 2012

Good size for his position and does have range to deep on his shot. He will need to work on getting his shot off quicker against more athletic guards and improve his decision making with the pass as he grows into the point guard position. Using his size and being more physical will increase his scoring opportunities dramatically.


3) Steven Parsons (Powell) 2012

Attacks the rim in transition, gets to his spots effectively and plays the game with efficiency and smarts. He shoots the ball well off the catch and understands how to change speeds to score.


5) Bobbo Chesser (Seymour) 2012

Inside scorer who understands the nuisances of the game, works hard for post position and rebounds. Needs to keep the ball high after boarding, stop using the dribble inside so often and develop some counter moves as he plays very right handed.


6) Bradley McCurdy (Cleveland) 2016

Not even in high school yet but an outstanding shooter with unlimited range at this point. He is small and needs to add strength as he matures. Simply relying on the outside shot will not be enough as he gets scouted by opponents but he has a skill level and a work ethic that will help him as he gets bigger.


7) Noah Duncan (Oneida) 2013

Small guard has a good grasp of the game and plays hard. Outstanding one dribble pull up which got him numerous baskets against more athletic defenders and a good slow to go move as well. Defensively he will need to work on footwork to become a more effective position defender. Additional strength will help in all aspects of his game.


8) Lawrence Martin-Lane (Hardin Valley) 2013

Long athletic wing attacks the basket in transition and has a decent handle. He is a capable outside shooter who is not afraid to go hard to the bucket for scores. Obviously strength will be an issue against stronger, bigger guards but his effort and motor are not in question.


10) Jacob Cawood (Knoxville Webb) 2015

Very young post presence showed a solid understanding of the position especially from the free throw line in. He has solid post moves just needs to execute his move much quicker and get off the floor when rebounding or shooting his short jumper. Has a move over his left shoulder just needs to work on elevating and using his size at this point.




Vanderbilt (A2)

33) Mat Case (Cookeville) 2013

A creative scorer, who despite being left handed, really knows how to use his right to convert buckets, a good shooter who could be effective from mid-range if he would add this to his arsenal. He has a tendency to dribble a bit too much instead of attacking and he will need to incorporate more point guard skills into his overall game.


34) Kyle Anders (Knoxville Catholic) 2013

Kyle is an active player who can score in droves and really has a knack for understanding the game. He is a good shooter and could be more effective off the dribble if he would utilize this talent to his ability. He communicates well with his teammates. He has a nice motor yet once he understands that he is the leader of the pack and is looked upon by his mates he will be a very good player on the next level.


35) Jacob Masters (Clarkrange) 2013

Big fella plays hard and understands his role on the team concept. He battles on defense for post position and rebounds keeping the ball high and making a good outlet, he blocks shots and knows his offensive limitations. He will need to work on footwork and developing some go to moves to make him more of a weapon on offensive side of the court.


37) Daryl Sligh (Austin East) 2013

Very aggressive defender who really takes guarding the ball seriously, athletic, handles ok and could be a much more effective scorer if he held his follow through on a decent lefty shot. He will need to keep his head up when driving to the bucket and finish plays in traffic.


38) Robert Moon (Bearden) 2013

Very competitive player who was very effective inside and made several plays when he faced up and used his size to get buckets. Creative finisher inside despite contact, great with the outlet pass and runs the floor well. Moon will need to improve his perimeter defense and explosion when guarding bigger, stronger guards and wings on the outside.


39) Clay Jeffers (Oneida) 2013

Good shooter, who can knock down the open three if he has time, can put it on the floor with a nice handle and will finish. Decent size but must work on his lateral speed and quickness when guarding others at his position.


40) Chris Watson (Grainger) 2014

Another good sized youngster who has some post skills in his array of talents, he fights hard for rebounds and will score points inside with his hustle. He keeps the ball high and can lead the break with a nice outlet pass. He has good hands which should help him as he develops his offensive game. Most young posts are more effective on defense until they learn a few go to moves inside. He plays hard and should have no trouble improving that aspect of his game.



Louisville (A3)

51) Cameron Gordon (Shelbyville) 2012

Small guard with a thick build did an outstanding job of finding his post players and getting everyone involved in the offense. He has a good outside stroke and was a capable defender, especially on the help side in the passing lanes.


52) Chad Henry (Clarkrange) 2012

Strong and tough youngster who battled on defense and showed he could knock down a jumper or two from mid-range. He used his stout build to disrupt opponent's drives to the bucket but will need to improve his foot speed and lateral quickness to deal with the jets that normally play the position.


53) Isaiah Hicks (Bearden) 2012

Great understanding of the nuisances of the game was a leader on the floor despite knowing nobody and used his size to create scoring opportunities for himself and grateful teammates. He has a good outside stroke when he sets his feet and doesn't drift, but his shot selection can be questionable at times. He will be an effective player with his basketball IQ and ability to adapt.


54) Matt Holland (Grace Christian) 2014

Improving youngster with a great attitude and a love of the game, Holland is a good shooter and proved he could finish inside with either hand in transition. He has good size and can score with his back to the basket if the situation calls for the mismatch. He will need to continue to work on his handles and stroke as he works his way to the perimeter as his high school career blossoms.


55) Jake Wright (Oneida) 2012

Plays with the energy and intensity that helps coaches win ball games and that is enough to excite anyone. He goes hard and understands his limitations which are a valuable skill in itself. He rebounds, blocks shots, plays hard in the post and can knock down the short jumper if left open. His explosiveness and footwork will need to continue to improve but with the young mans character and desire he will make someone a fine post player on the next level.


57) Imani Miller (Austin East) 2014

We truly believe that deep inside this young man is a big time player just fighting to get out. He has a multitude of skills and once he learns that playing hard and aggressive at all times is what it takes, he will be one of the best players in the area. He guards the ball, has a good outside stroke but must improve his decision making to be a team leader from the point guard position. Please listen to these words............


58) Cameron Turner (Farragut) 2014

We were very impressed by this young mans overall skill level at the showcase, it has always been understood he was one of the better young shooters in the class but his ability to handle the ball and create his own shot surprised a slew of us, in a very good way. Now he needs to temper this down, stop the excessive dribbling and use this skill to make his outside more deadly and become what coach's want...hard to guard.




Cincinnati (A4)

61) Darien Johnson (Bradley Central) 2012

The biggest compliment to me that a young man can receive is when former coaches tell me this is a kid who helps you win ball games doing everything that is required to win. Those words describe Johnson, he is a hellacious defender who will shut down your opposing scorer plus he is unselfish and will make the right pass in the half court. His offensive skills are improving, he can score in transition and will knock down the open three but his forte is winning and defense, nothing wrong with that.


62) Cody Henry (Clarkrange) 2012

Similar in stature to his brother, which goes without saying since they are twins, Henry is a strong kid who uses his brute strength to score and isn't afraid to make himself some room for a short jumper in the lane, which he converted on several occasions. Like his brother footwork and lateral explosion will be a key as they play against more athletic guards.


63) Tevin Gunn (Hardin Valley) 2012

Gunn had a solid showcase performance knocking down numerous outside shots from mid-range all the way back to the bent line. His confidence is riding high as you watch him step into his shots. He has good instincts on the court and will attack the glass for boards. He will benefit greatly from some footwork and explosion drills which in turn will help him put the ball on the deck to show his versatility in that aspect of the game.


65) Justin Brown (Virginia) 2012

Big and strong, Brown knows how to put the ball in the hole and is creative enough to score in a magnitude of methods. He has a decent short jumper which he uses effectively when guarded by smaller defenders and he will body up and score inside if forced into the post. Guard skills will be his improvement of choice as he moves towards playing on the next level, quickness, explosion like so many players who have been undersized inside players in their past.


66) Dejon McGill (Austin East) 2013

Becoming a leader and making the right decisions with the ball will benefit this youngster more than anything as he continues to improve his game. Very capable scorer who just needs to show more confidence in himself, we know he can play; now he needs to know it as well. Take control and dominate while playing smarter and becoming the team leader that will take you to a spot on the next level in a couple of years.


67) Austin Rhoades (Knoxville Catholic) 2015

We watch the incoming freshman knowing what they are ion store for but their reaction to the situation is what we look for in a big way. The game speeds up tremendously and strength suddenly becomes a major issue for these players. Rhoades is a smart player who has some length and loves to play and above all he showed no fear against bigger and stronger competitors.


69) Chris Cox (Knoxville Catholic) 2013

Big and athletic, Cox has great feet and will extend a defense with his ability to knock down the three. He spend an inordinate amount of time cruising the perimeter looking for his shot when he could be very productive inside with his leaping ability and sheer God given strength. A mixture of those two skills will move him forward leaps and bounds and make him a very tough player to guard in this area without a doubt.