Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Cincinnati)

One of our favorite events of the year took place again this year at picturesque Carson Newman University. The annual Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase tipped off a couple Saturdays ago and now its time to compute all the data and start releasing some evaluations on the attendees.







Mason Wyatt (Cumberland County)

Camp Number: 71

6'2 PG



Rising senior guard has a nice feel for the game, decent length and he competes at a very high level. "This kid was not afraid to guard a bigger kid, love that, he showed a nice pull-up in transition and did it with little effort and good balance". He likes to attack the basket and is most comfortable off the dribble. He can play either guard spot but appears to more of a scoring threat. As he moves forward creating more for teammates and working on his shooting touch will be his top priorities. This kid has a passion to play, you can watch him and he loves every minute of being on the court.



Keegan Rayfield (Pigeon Forge)

Camp Number: 72

5'8 PG



"Handles well and sets up his teammates, he is capable when in rhythm and then he steps in and takes a charge, the only one I saw all day". Small guard is limited offensively but manages to contribute in other ways. Understands his role and makes contributions in other ways. He can get out of sorts and lob some lazy passes and he gets going to fast at times and creates bad situations for himself. He understands how to play and his positive returns far outweigh the mistakes. He will need to make himself at least somewhat of a threat on offense to draw defenders, he rarely shot the ball and needs to make this a priority going forward.



Jonathan Zhao-Olmos (Sevier County)

Camp Number: 73

6'3 SG



"Smooth player who truly needs to get the ball more, great cutter and a most efficient scoring threat. His stroke is so silky, he moves effortlessly and he has really good size for a guard". The superlatives were many and deep on this rising junior find from Sevierville. He has an outstanding stroke, his size is one of his best assets, he scores off cuts and he spots up for effortless shots, he can stick the ball on the deck and finish with either hand. He knows when to attack and when to drift to the open area, he could score in bunches with a pass first heady lead guard. He needs to get stronger and with his length become more of a defensive presence. One of the top offensive players in the camp hands down.



Filip Bobic (Upperman)

Camp Number: 74

6'7 W/PF



"Undersized four who has some solid offensive skills, he uses the pump fake very well, he drives hard to the bucket, powerful, a grown man on the block and a capable outside shot". Plenty of good things to say about this rising senior and his quest for a next level opportunity. He has good court awareness and he is truly devastating in the post with his skill level, ball fakes and strength. He likes to hang on the perimeter and does a but too much "guard stuff". Ball and shooting skills are fine but play to your strengths and let everything else take care of itself. Capable of being a double/double machine with his ability to score and grab caroms.



Dillon Atwell (Farragut)

Camp Number: 76

5'10 PG



"Intelligent player who really understands what is going on, he isn't afraid to stick his nose in there and defend, he runs the floor, he's comfortable with the ball or moving without it, his shot is very good and he shares the ball". Nothing but positive vibes for this rising sophomore lead guard with the sweet stroke. His size doesn't hamper his effort and his will. He can score, he is very smart, he is creative at the rim, he makes the extra pass and he is always in a defensive stance. He knows his role which is half the battle, his basketball IQ is off the charts and makes up for his lack of physicality to a degree. There comes a time when tougher and stronger guards will pass your way so work on that body but don't lose that zest for the game.



Hunter Hatfield (Hancock County)

Camp Number: 78

5'10 PG



Much improved competitor has a good feel for the game and plays with patience and an above average maturity for his grade level. "He has a really good shot with time and he knows how to share the ball, his size limits many of the things he can do, but his effort is without question". Everyone seemed to agree his shot was effective when he had time to get his fundamentals in order and his feet set. He will need to work on quickening that release and getting his stance quicker as game situations don't allow for excess preparation time. He shares the ball and his size beckons lead guard, he makes the simple play and he doesn't try to do more than he is capable.