Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Alabama 11-20)

With the Fall Leagues behind me I can concentrate on getting to the evaluations from the Carson Newman Showcase from a weeks back. I had three other evaluators posted, all three were former college coaches and their input is very important to my final analysis. I will post a story for each team from the event.





Alabama (11-20)


#11 Drew Fugate (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

6-1 PG 2015

I have truly enjoyed the maturation of Fugate as he has grasp the point guard role and taken more of a leadership angle into his final prep campaign. A good outside shooter, Fugate had a propensity for taking untimely shots at inopportune times but has really overcome that as he has grown into his position at the lead guard spot. Not a great athlete when it comes to quickness and lateral speed but he plays smart, knows how to use his strong body to absorb contact and still has that good stroke but under much better circumstances than in previous seasons. I would like to see him finish better in some of his forays to the hole. I anticipate a very solid senior season for Mr. Fugate.


#12 Matthew Meadows (Meigs County)

6-2 SG/WF 2016

It doesn't seem fair to pigeon hole Meadows into a position, be it shooting guard or wing forward, the kid simply, when motivated, is a good basketball presence. He has tremendous bounce and a knack for getting offensive boards, he can score quickly, especially in the paint and will finish inside if challenged. As he matures his size will dictate a spot in the backcourt thus he needs to work on his outside shooting and ball handling. The kid is a winner and is an asset for any coach who has him on the roster. He makes winning plays and does not require plays to be run for him to be productive.


#14 Jacob Cawood (Midway)

6-6 PF 2015

Jacob has come a long way in his development and maturation as a player. He understands the proper use of footwork and uses his size to create scoring opportunities on the interior. He is a much improved rebounder and despite not being overtly athletic really has a feel for getting tough caroms in traffic. The biggest improvement in his overall game is his shooting touch all the way out to the big line. A shot of necessity in the past, Cawood now has confidence in his stroke and is not afraid to pull up and drain a shot from deep. He needs to be careful and not fall completely in love with the deep shot and continue to go with his bread and butter which is powerful and poetic post moves from the block and hard fought rebounds for easy points down low.


#15 Silas Adhemka (Hamilton Heights)

6-7 PF 2017

Four evaluations all lead to a similar conclusion, this young man is oozing with pure unadulterated raw talent. Silas runs the floor exceptionally well and if he has another growth spurt in him he could certainly be a high major prospect. He has a solid motor, great length and athleticism while showing a decent handle for a player his size. If he continues to put in the work his ceiling is certainly unlimited, yet he will need to develop a stronger post game, improve his hand strength, he had trouble securing some post entry tries and continue to use the gifts that he has been blessed with. As we have already stated his potential could be limitless if he continues to improve several aspects of his overall game.


#16 Triston Spradling (McMinn County)

6-0 SG 2015

Small shooting guard with a better than average scoring touch, Spradling is a gamer and a kid who thoroughly enjoys playing the game of basketball. His size dictates point guard and he can play that position at times if called upon yet he seems to be more comfortable catching the pass and scoring. I was very impressed with his communication skills with his teammates and his overall basketball IQ. A rare trait that coaches certainly covet, it shows leadership and a willingness to keep younger players involved and alert during tough stages of any game. Spradling is a better defender than his slight size makes him appear, he fights hard off the ball and will not give an inch to the opposing guard.


#17 Deonte Alley (Blackman)

5-9 PG/SG 2016

Strong bodied youngster with a propensity for launching the deep ball with some success. Alley is a competitor who needs to let the game come to him at times. He is a decent defender with his strength yet really needs to work on his footwork and lateral skills. His shooting touch can be streaky but when his confidence is right he can knock down several in consecutive fashion. Determining what is defined as a good shot versus a bad shot may be something that he needs to improve as he moves along in his prep career. He also has a tendency at times to play a bit too fast and again not let the game come to him.


#18 C.J. Massengail (Hamilton Heights)

6-0 PG 2017

A player who garnered several positive reviews from the evaluation team. C.J. showed a solid handle, excellent passer and was assertive with his new teammates. He did a great job of talking and communicating with his teammates which is exactly what you wish from your point guard. He proved he could finish with either hand around the basket and had a decent enough outside stroke. He needs to work on making himself more explosive with continued strength work and drills designed to improve his footwork and overall quickness. Kid had a fantastic demeanor and was one of the true bright spots among the younger players at the event.


#19 Camron Harris (Meigs County)

6-0 PG 2017

Young player with a very nice feel for the game and a high level basketball IQ. Harris will obviously need to improve his overall strength which will increase his confidence and then his game will grow exponentially. He showed he could knock down the open shot if left open and proved he could play the lead guard spot with his unselfishness and willingness to find the open man. As with a lot of players from the younger age groups, despite a natural feel for the game, Harris needs to become more aware of his surroundings and make better basketball decisions since the ball will be in hands a great deal. His potential is good as he grows and gets stronger down the road.