Carson Newman Evaluations (Vanderbilt 31-40)

Thanks to everyone who attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman last week. I have compiled the information from several former coaches in attendance and will prepare an evaluation for each player who attended. I will stress positive points and make suggestions on things that could help you improve your game as you move towards your dream of playing at the next level. I wish everyone luck and look forward to seeing you this year with your respective high schools.




Vanderbilt (31-40)


32. Walker McGowan (Bradley Central) 2014 (6'0 SG/WF)

Physical guard/forward who plays with a motor and is a valuable player with his ability to do he small things that help his team win games. McGowan is adept at using his strength to get buckets inside, he rebounds well for a guard and isn't afraid to pull the trigger from the outside when left open. He makes up for his lack of lateral quickness with anticipation and basketball savvy. He is a kid who likes to play and helps you win ball games.


33. Logan Cox (Bradley Central) 2014 (6'0 SG)

One of the best outside shooters in the area, Cox has range and despite an unorthodox release makes more than his fair share. At his size he will need to develop some lead guard skills to go along with his deadly shot. Ball handling and decision making will need to be at the top of his list; as well as, working on his quickness and defense. His ability to shoot should aid him as he works on developing something off the dribble, using the head fake and one dribble mid-range will make him a hard to guard player.


34. Mason Bates (Cookeville) 2014 (6'4 SG/WF)

Probably the most talked about player at the camp after his shooting display in the early games. Bates has good size, a deadly stroke, proved he could handle the ball well enough and had basketball strength which allowed him to absorb contact and finish his shot. He rebounded well and made some sterling passes off the bounce. Much improved in all areas of the game, Bates will still need to work on his quickness and lateral speed to be able to guard his position on the next level.


35. John Bryant (Jefferson County) 2015 (6'5 PF)

Fundamentally sound inside player who has an array of post moves, able to score over either shoulder and has a motor which keep him working on the offensive glass and looking to find angles and creases to score in the paint. His biggest area of improvement will need to be adding some mid-range and foul line jumpers to his arsenal and working on some ball skills on the perimeter. He is a tough kid who plays through contact and finishes play in the lane. Adding some perimeter skills will make him more versatile in the eyes of the next level decision makers.


36. Alex Dixon (Cumberland County) 2016 (5'9 PG)

Small guard who played hard and seemed to have a grasp of the offense when running the point. Dixon showed a decent outside stroke and with added strength and confidence will increase his range and open the floor for his interior teammates. Strength again is paramount in his development and working on his quickness and explosion out front. His understanding of the game is solid but he lacks the physical prowess to execute the plays he sees developing due to stronger guards knocking him off his path.


37. Logan Willis (Morristown West) 2015 (5'10 PG)

Another small guard who really has an understanding for the inner workings of the offense but lacks the physical strength to make them happen on a consistent basis. His shooting stroke is good but he needs to get some lift on his jumper. Adding strength again will help increase his shooting range. Young man is comfortable in the half court set, has been well coached and knows how to enter the post and move away creating proper spacing. He is patient and makes good ball decisions when running the lead guard spot.


38. James McRee (Cleveland) 2016 (6'5 PF)

Physical inside worker, McRee battles on the glass and goes hard after rebounds on both ends of the floor. He can knock down the short jumper and with continued skill work will be a major contributor to his high school squad this season. He needs to work on strengthening his hands for the post entry catch and work on slowing down and making the right play, instead of bulling his way to the basket. Youngster has a good body and will need to continue to work on his quickness and foot work. His motor will allow him to get playing time, his continued improvement will keep him on the floor.  


39. Villius Nausada (Hamilton Heights) 2015 (6'4 SG/WF)

Extremely aggressive guard/forward plays with a non stop motor and gives maximum effort. He desperately needs to add some finesse to his game, slowing his roll will allow him to finish easy baskets and stop gambling so much on defense. His shooting stroke is decent but he needs to ad some lift. He has athletic ability but needs to refine his footwork meaning he is too good of an athlete to be making bad decision on defense. His work ethic will allow him to tweak his minor flaws and make him a major contributor in the coming season.


40. Jake Kingery (Pigeon Forge) 2014 (5'11 PS/SG)

Surprised everyone with a very soft outside stroke from all around the deep line. Jake seemed more comfortable playing the off guard which allowed him to create some space for his shooting. His size will dictate he adds the ability to play some lead guard when called upon. Going back to the off guard he will need to work on his ball handling and the ability to get by an aggressive defender who will close out due to his shooting prowess. Must work on adding explosion and foot work drills to his skill set.