Carson Newman Evaluations (Syracuse 41-50)

Thanks to everyone who attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman last week. I have compiled the information from several former coaches in attendance and will prepare an evaluation for each player who attended. I will stress positive points and make suggestions on things that could help you improve your game as you move towards your dream of playing at the next level. I wish everyone luck and look forward to seeing you this year with your respective high schools.



I apologize for the lateness of the evaluations. The Fall League finals in Knoxville and Nashville kept me from working on them till after that season was complete. Then a major blow when one of my best friends lost his son in a car accident kept me from working on them as well. Thanks for your patience I hope to have them completed by Friday.




Syracuse (41-50)


41. Tee Sanford (Knoxville Central) 2014 (6'0 PG/SG)

Lean combo guard has a good feel for the game but lacks the strength to complete plays at the rim. When at the off guard spot he hits open shots when he has time to shoot and comes off screens well looking to shoot. He plays more comfortable at the two and his best asset is his ability to shoot. Defensively he gives effort and is a solid on ball kid unless he comes up against a stronger guard who can dictate where he wishes to go overpowering Tee. Kid loves to play and just needs to add strength to his game at once.  


42. Davis Anderton (Harpeth) 2014 (6'1 SG)

Arguably one of the best shooter in the camp, one evaluation for him simply says "shoots the ^((&^ out of the ball". Enough said we know he can stroke it, Davis showed he could do more with a solid defensive effort he digs down in the half-court and sees the ball well. He will need to add more production off the dribble using his outstanding stroke to make him space for a one dribble pull-up just outside the lane. He has decent size and is a kid who should be looked at for the next level.


43. Jacob Coleman (Home School) 2014 (6'2 SG/WF)

Fundamental sound player who seemed more comfortable in the half-court structured settings than the free for all that can ensue in camp games at times. Jacob has a good feel for the game, he understands how to use a screen and was very good at making the post entry in the earlier games. He will need to work on his scoring ability and quickness especially on the defensive end of the floor. Gym time against better competition will help him move in the right direction for his skill level.


44. Abdulhakim Ado (Hamilton Heights) 2016 (6'9 PF/C)

Impressive size grabs your attention then his obvious skill level keeps you enthralled. Young man, only a sophomore, ran the floor well, was able to use the dribble to his advantage to score on the block. He needs to develop a go to move and obviously add strength. He has excellent patience when blocking or altering shots and he snatches rebounds out of his area. This is a kid to keep a serious eye on...........high major potential for sure.  


45. Zach Jenkins (Boyd Buchanan) 2014 (6'4 PF/C)

Undersized post player who despite his lack of size inside was able to score and held his own on the glass. Good basketball knowledge and obviously well coached young man had a very nice patient face up game on the baseline and used a quick move to score either off the spin or over the opposite shoulder. His foot work; as well as, his quickness will need to improve so he can venture out on the perimeter and use his size against smaller wing players.  


46. Jordan Coffin (Karns) 2016 (6'1 PG)

Lanky youngster has shown marked improvement since the start of the summer with his overall game. His strength is still a question mark but his length and obvious athletic ability is not in doubt. Still growing into his body, Coffin has shown he can shoot the ball but needs more confidence in his stroke. His handles are adequate but to run the lead guard spot he will need to strengthen his hands and work on keeping his head above water when going towards the basket. He plays with effort and is gaining confidence all the time. Good things ahead.


47. Jimmy Greer (Cane Ridge) 2016 (5'10 PG)

Small guard with obvious quickness and aggressive tendencies, Greer has shown he plays with passion and as he gets bigger and stronger his game should come along nicely. He tends to play from one side of the floor and not utilize his off hand which limits his scoring chances. His love for the game and passion will carry him as he gets stronger and develops his offensive game. He needs to improve his shot and make better decisions with the ball in transition especially.


48. Cedriontis Wilson (Columbia Central) 2016 (6'1 SG/WF)

Relentless competitor is not afraid to attack the basket and is above the curve for his age group from an offensive perspective. His work on defense needs some serious work as he is much to good of an athlete to be a gambler on defense. His foot work is solid so he can stay in front of his man in the half-court he just tends to switch to his offensive mode before there actually is offense. He just needs to continue to be aggressive and active on offense and let that carry over to the other side of the floor. He is more than capable.


49. Hunter Crouch (Clarkrange) 2016 (6'3 SG/WF)

Good size off guard or wing player with a nice lefty, albeit stand still, stroke from the outside. Did not seem afraid to stick his head into the action on both ends of the floor which bodes well for the youngster. He will need to work on his strength, lateral quickness and foot work as he matures into a better player. Should be a very good contributor to his high school squad on the Class A level this coming season.


50. Anthony Shuler (Pigeon Forge) 2014 (5'8 PG/SG)

Small guard played with effort and seemed much more comfortable in the half-court than in the hectic run and shoot of the later games. At 5'8 he will need to work on his lead guard skills and make more use of his lefty stroke which wasn't that bad. He will need to get in basketball shape as the season rolls around. Has a good understanding of the game which was evident from his post passing which was mentioned in every evaluation submitted.