Carson Newman Evaluations (Cincinnati 61-70)

Thanks to everyone who attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman last week. I have compiled the information from several former coaches in attendance and will prepare an evaluation for each player who attended. I will stress positive points and make suggestions on things that could help you improve your game as you move towards your dream of playing at the next level. I wish everyone luck and look forward to seeing you this year with your respective high schools.


I apologize for the lateness of the evaluations. The Fall League finals in Knoxville and Nashville kept me from working on them till after that season was complete. Then a major blow when one of my best friends lost his son in a car accident kept me from working on them as well. Thanks for your patience I hope to have them completed by Friday.




Cincinnati (61-70)


61. Christian Lynn (Goodpasture) 2014 (5'10 PG)

Small combo guard is proving he is more than a scoring threat with his adjustment to being a distributor as he enters his senior campaign. Runs the floor hard and gets the ball to people in a position where they have a chance to finish. He can dish and drive and will finish at the rim against bigger competition if underestimated. He has a deft lefty stroke and will score plenty despite his new role. He needs to keep getting stronger, not necessarily bigger but certainly stronger to finish plays off the dribble and defend better in the half-court.


62. Clay Hertel (DCA) 2014 (6'3 SG)

Smooth operator has made major improvement in all aspects of his game over the summer. He has good size so he can muscle against smaller guards and has confidence in his stroke from the outside. He can finish at the rim with either hand and has improved his handle where he can be utilized at all the backcourt spots. He defends with passion and seems to have a genuine love for the game. He is a next level prospect without a doubt.


65. Brice Cusick (Jefferson County) 2014 (6'7 PF)

Versatile big man has made big strides in his development over the past season. A very active post presence with back to the basket skills, good hands and fundamentally sound. He keeps the ball high and is aggressive going to the basket or on the baseline where he is his most effective. He can score over either shoulder with a hook or a quick jumper. He needs to improve his rebounding which will come as he gets into better shape during the course of his senior season. Don't sleep on this kid his best basketball is certainly in his future.


66. Diego Poore (Cumberland County) 2015 (6'1 PG)

Fundamentally sound young guard with decent size, Poore showed an advanced offensive game with his solid mid-range pull-up and floater in the lane. He will need to work on his decision making from the lead guard spot but has an understanding of the game that should allow him to do so. He will also need to work on his foot speed and lateral quickness which will assist him on the defensive end as he guards smaller and quicker players.  


67. Austin Schrum (Cookeville) 2016 (6'2 SG/WF)

Aggressive young wing player showed he was not intimidated against the older and bigger players in the least. He played with heart and desire running the floor looking to score and gave maximum effort on defense. Once he learn technique and where to be his effort will only increase his productivity. He challenges shots and even went after the opposing big mans shot on a mismatch on the interior. His offensive game is a work in progress but his work ethic and desire to get better will allow him to made strides in correcting his weaknesses.


69. Connor Arnold (Grace Christian) 2017 (6'6 WF)

A rising freshman with a major upside, Arnold is far ahead of the curve offensively. His  size allows him to score on the interior and he has an adequate outside stroke as well. He can put the ball on the deck and drive to the cup; as well as, a solid face up game. Defensively his lack of strength will come into question. He needs to learn to close out better and deny his man, defending before he makes the catch. His weaknesses are technique and strength related which is something he will work on and make himself better.


70. Chase Hawkins (Ravenwood) 2015 (6'5 WF/PF)

Lanky wing player has a good looking shot and isn't afraid to mix it up inside when battling for rebounds and loose balls. He runs the floor looking for scoring opportunities and has the basketball IQ to make the proper pass to open teammates for easy scores. He fights for rebounding position on the shot and when he adds more strength to his frame he will get more of those than he looses. He is a good athlete and just needs to add strength to his game and play with more aggressiveness on every possession.