Campbell Takes the Lead in the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Scoring Race

The final games of the regular season have come to a close and a bit of a shake up after action Week #4 with a new scoring leader overall.

After four weeks here are the top scorers in the Nashville Fall League. Keep in mind to make the scoring list you must attend at least four of the five scheduled games.





Tyger Campbell (CPA) 22.3

Ricky Dunnaway (Oakland) 22.0

D'Monte Evans (Cane Ridge) 22.0

Evan Ragsdale (CPA) 21.0

Caleb Hollander (Home School) 20.3

Chico Plunkett (Creek Wood) 19.8

Kenny Cooper (FRA) 19.0

DeQuan Summers (Hillwood) 17.7

Jarrell Reeves (Oakland) 17.3

Grant Teichmann (Brentwood) 17.3

DeMarco Simpson (White's Creek) 17.0

John Carter (Summit) 16.3

Ross Cummings (Creek Wood) 16.3

Roderick Waters (White's Creek) 15.0

Brandon Dansoh (Cane Ridge) 15.0

Chase Hawkins (Lighthouse Christian) 14.6

Clay Washburn (CPA) 13.7

Coulter Dotson (Creek Wood) 13.5

Deshaun Doutherd (Lighthouse Christian) 13.0

Elijah McCoin (Northeast) 13.0

Evan Heskje (Home School) 12.8

Donovan Henry (MLK) 12.7

Deonte Alley (Blackman) 12.5

Donovan Donaldson (Hillsboro) 12.0

DeMarco Steele (Hillwood) 12.0