BMaze Elite 2020 Establishing Dominance at Best in State

The 6th annual Best in State tournament was proud too have one of the best 16 and under teams in the Southeast in BMaze Elite 2020.





They would flex their proverbial muscle with a winning margin of 50.7 points per game against some really good competition.


BMaze would finish 3-0 of course starting with a statement 85-30 win over EOTO. Darlington Dubar (North Carolina) was magical throughout the day. The lanky wing totaled 17 points in the win over EOTO.


Emory Lanier (Knoxville Webb) continues his upward swing with a 14 point effort while Andrew Williams (East Hamilton) closed with 10.


Norance Berry (North Carolina) had his best game of the event dropping 20 markers as BMaze bested Chattanooga Elite 83-26.


Dubar added 17 while Williams and Joe Anderson (Maryville) finished with 11 each.


Anderson, Dubar and Luke Burnett (Knoxville Webb) all closed with 16 as BMaze Elite rolled yet again to the tune of 82-42 against Team WHBH. Lanier would add 10 in the victory.


Dubar would finish as one of the top scorers in the 16 and under division at 17.3 points per game. Anderson and Berry closed at 12.0 points per game each and Lanier finished in double digits at 10.7.


Dubar was without a doubt the eye catcher of the bunch. The rising junior from the Tarheel state is pure length and athleticism. He can score in every imaginable fashion and has truly improved his outside touch. His length is story telling as he finishes everything at the rim. He rebounds and blocks shots as well. He a special talent.


Williams is another intriguing prospect with his length and pure unadulterated athletic prowess. His game has improved leaps and bounds especially on defense. He can score in the paint, his aggressive nature make him formidable on the glass and he is still younger than most of his class. His future is mega bright.


Anderson is just a joy to watch. Those in my age bracket remember Travis Diener and this is a clone. He loves to push the ball, he keeps his head up and sees the entire floor. He can shoot like a madman and his decision making is top notch. His size might keep some away but they will perish if he gets a chance to play against them.


Burnett is one of the finest shooters, not only in the state, but I venture to say in all the land. His stroke is pure gold and as his confidence rises his range increases. He has become more confident with the ball and his short game should benefit from his shooting prowess. He has great size for a guard and could be a major player if his ascension continues as it has.


Lanier just continues to grow as a player. Every new and exciting thing he adds to his game just makes him and even more polished and intriguing prospect. His shot is becoming more consistent as he stays on point with his fundamentals and foot work. He has added some short jumpers and is exploding off the dribble. As he grows his confidence with the ball his game will only explode.