Black Makes Memphis Fans Stand up and Shout


Exciting things always seem to happen in sets of three.


Keeping your hometown talent at home, especially in threes,
is a blessing to say the least.


On the heels of commitments from hometown heroes Joe Jackson
(White Station) and Chris Crawford (Memphis),
Tarik Black (Ridgeway) became the
latest Beale Street
hooper to give his pledge to first year Coach Josh Pastner.


Black, who played his summer basketball with the Memphis
Magic, enjoyed a ground breaking summer and spring boarded himself into the
national consciousness with an outstanding effort at the NPBA Top 100 Camp.


With this decision Black can now concentrate on the mission
at hand helping lead the Roadrunners and Coach Henning back to the state


To describe his game is quite simple he's a model of
consistency. He rarely does anything to hurt you offensively and he blocks
shots, grabs rebounds and scores in the post.


He's a coach's dream and knows his role.