BCAT Top 100 (Class of 2022)

The inaugural BCAT Top 100 camp proved to be a rousing success with players from both ends of the state taking advantage of the new NCAA initiative to get the high schools and the high school coaches more involved in the recruiting process. A "live event" with coaches from every level in attendance.

The first of three positioners from the event with this focused on the Class of 2022.


Six Who Made the Cut


B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic)

6'3 PG 2022

If you read the article from last night and the Hoopseen review on the event you know Edwards was a focal point in my observations. Not to repeat myself at nauseam but this kid gets it. His length, his insight, his feel, his poise and his mentality make him a next level target at this tender age.


Braeden Moore (CPA)

6'7 WF/PF 2022

Another focus from our earlier Hoopseen preview, big Braeden was a noticeable highlight at the event with his marksmanship, size and utter feel for the game. He doesn't possess overt athleticism but he understands tempo and pace, uses his girth to make space and has that stroke to keep everyone honest.


Malik Dia (Blackman)

6'6 PF 2022

Superb length and emerging skill, this dynamic youngster has a passion for the game and it shows when he plays. He likes to defend, rebound and make plays. His zest for improvement is evident as he soaks up coaching and wants to be the best player on the floor. His outside shot is adequate and as he finds his niche position wise his game will only elevate to the level we all foresee.


Phillip Dotson (Arlington)

5'10 PG 2022

When perusing my notes for this dynamic young guard, I found I had scribbled fearless on my notepad several times. This kid is fearless, he attacks with abandon, size makes no matter to him as he slices to the rack for a tough finish or a timely dish. He can shoot the ball and has some range but shot selection and overall decision making will be the next step in his maturation. You don't want to take the aggressiveness from him but when he smartens up some of those forays into the paint, then his stock will only elevate.


Quante Berry (Bradley Central)

6'3 PG 2022

Another young man we highlighted in last nights article. His size and his skill level put him among the top players in this class, not only in the state, but nationally. He knows how to finish, he uses either hand, he can shoot the ball and once he tightens his handles and makes better ball decisions he will be devastating. Mark it down.


Braden Ilic (Morristown East)

6'8 PF 2022

The first thing you notice when watching this young man play is his poise. He lets the game come to him, he doesn't rush plays and he is one of the best passing young big men we have seen in quite some time. He waits for cutters, he doesn't rush the action and he delivers crisp results. He has an excellent mid-range game that will move