BCAT Top 100 (Class of 2021)

The inaugural BCAT Top 100 camp proved to be a rousing success with players from both ends of the state taking advantage of the new NCAA initiative to get the high schools and the high school coaches more involved in the recruiting process. A "live event" with coaches from every level in attendance.

The second of three positioners from the event with this focused on the Class of 2021.


Our Hoop Seen preview, which you can check out by going to hoopseen.com or following either of us on twitter @tnprephoops or @hoopseen, featured several players from the Class of 2021 including Mason Miller (Houston), Eric Rivers (McCallie), David Dixon (MAHS), Jonathan Lawson (Wooddale), Jalen Macon (Hillsboro) and Kameron Jones (ECS).


Here Are Seven More Who Deserve the Hype:


Zion Swader (Siegel)

5'11 PG 2021

Solid lead guard with some scoring punch, he pushes tempo and likes to get into his offense without hesitation. He has decent vision, doesn't mind sharing the ball and can really put some points up if left alone to do so. His outside is good and he attacks the close out looking for scoring chances for himself or others. He appears more comfortable in a fast pace setting and has improved his decision making as well.


Alex Anderson (Tipton-Rosemark)

6'6 WF 2021

The strides he has made with his body are almost immediately noticeable. He has added bulk to his lower torso and its shows with his aggression in the paint. His skill level appears to be intact and he remains a big time scorer from all three levels. His best game is off the dribble, in the paint, scoring with his length and new found strength. He appears more comfortable in the half court, understanding where he needs to be and how to get his best scoring chances. His maturity level has also increased making him  more confident in every aspect of the game.


Randy Brady (Brentwood Academy)

6'5 SG 2021

One of the top players in the state in this class, Brady is dynamic with the ball. His length and explosion make him nearly impossible to guard when attacking the basket. He uses his quickness and scoring ability to get easy chances and is especially adept in transition. His shooting touch need some tweaking as he seems to have lost some confidence in his stroke. This kid works hard and has the pedigree to be a big time player at the highest level.  


Alden Applewhite (Lausanne)

6'6 SG 2021

Super lengthy scorer has a compact lefty stroke that starts slow but finishes well. He uses that documented length to score in the lane, attacking the basket off a patented spin move in the paint. He likes to create his scoring chances off the dribble and has a penchant for falling back on his shot. He is next level athletic and an opportunistic defender. His length, once again, and his gifts should make him a lock down defender if he so chooses.


Isaiah Jones (East Nashville)

6'6 WF 2021

This kid is super long and plays with a smoothness and grace that catches your eye. His game is predicated on his ability to attack and he has added some strength to a thin frame. His maturity level has come a long way as he has a much better grasp on what is expected of him and how he needs to perform game in and game out. His shooting touch is solid and could improve greatly with better shot selection. He glides on the court and could be one to watch for the next couple of seasons.


Matt Thurman (Franklin)

6'7 PF 2021

Big kid with a strong frame and some good foot work. This young man is light on his feet and really has a plethora of scoring tricks with his back to the basket and anywhere he sets up in the paint. He can shoot the outside shot when left open and can score over either shoulder. He rebounds at a high level, not a great leaper or superb athlete, but he carves out space and uses his girth to establish position. He has excellent hands, he catches the entry pass cleanly and he snares caroms in and out  of his area. His confidence level on the offensive side of the court has really taken a step up, watch for big things from this fellow.


Matthew Schneider (Siegel)

6'5 SG 2021

Great size for a scoring guard, he has an attack mentality and can get up shots from any angle and spot on the floor. He is at his best making the drive to the bucket and stopping for the short leaner or mid-range bucket. He has range from deep but must be aware of his feet and fundamentals. He has handles, keeps the ball close to his frame and uses his length to keep possessions alive and get extra scoring chances. Keep attacking young man.