Barford’s Big Effort Leads Week #2 Scoring List


Once again I have scoured the newspapers, faxes, twitters and other forms of media that come to my attention compiling a list of the top scorers in the state for each week of the season.


If you know of some scoring exploits or a scoring milestone such as 1,000 point club or something of that nature please email me at and I will get this added to the next week’s story. 


If you know of someone who scored over 25 points and they did not make the list please let me know and I will add them to the following weeks list.


College coaches have told me this is one of their favorite features as it helps them get an understanding on the pulse of the new season.  



Marlon Hunter (Houston) the junior swing man has made the most since his transfer to Houston. Hunter dropped 29 in a win over Craigmont and followed up with 31 against Washington.       


Austin Cox (Knoxville Webb) had a very productive scoring week as his Spartans sstand at 8-0 on the young season. Cox scored 25 in a big win over Class AAA Dobyns-Bennett and added 42 in the final game of the US Cellular Thanksgiving Tournament against Tennessee High.            


Ryan Jones (Siegel) has been a sensation thus far in his final prep campaign. "Lil-Man" is on s coring binge and this week his victim was Hillsboro to the tune of 28 in a big victory for the Stars.    


Abdul Ado (Hamilton Heights) is a name you should familiarize yourselves with immediately. The 6-10 sophomore post is an emerging presence with raw ability. He had a monster effort with 41 points, 20 boards and double digit blocks in a victory over Bradley Central.       


Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) had himself a monster effort over the holidays dropping 41 points in a big win over Central Park Christian in Alabama.      


Jalen Duke (MLK) made his presence felt at the MLK Holiday event in Memphis nailing 44 markers against Carver.     


Ben Snider (Ooltewah) has his final season off and running scoring 30 points against East Ridge and adding 36 more in a win over CampbellCounty.  


LaGerald Vick (Douglass) might be the best kept secret in Memphis. The 6'5 shooting guard will explode on the scene shortly after efforts including a 31 point outburst against KIPP.



East Tennessee

Austin Cox (Knoxville Webb) 42pts vs. Tennessee High

Abdul Ado (Hamilton Heights) 41pts vs. Bradley Central

Marcus Taylor (University) 38pts vs. Happy Valley

Ben Snider (Ooltewah) 36pts vs. CampbellCounty

Devin Sibley (Karns) 35pts vs. Ooltewah

Dylan Keck (CAK) 34pts vs. McMinn Central

Dustin Day (David Crockett) 32pts vs. Sullivan East

Skyler Farrar (McMinn Central) 32pts vs. CAK

Zak Carter (Hardin Valley) 31pts vs. WalkerValley

Skyler Farrar (McMinn Central) 30pts vs. MeigsCounty

Ben Snider (Ooltewah) 30pts vs. East Ridge

Isaac Edmiston (Maryville) 29pts vs. Stone Memorial

Zak Carter (Hardin Valley) 28pts vs. Karns

Isaac Edmiston (Maryville) 27pts vs. CumberlandCounty

Brady Nease (Union County) 27pts vs. King's Academy

Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial) 27pts vs. Clarkrange

Darrin Gillenwater (Campbell County) 26pts vs. Seymour

Patrick Good (David Crockett) 26pts vs. UnicoiCounty

Justin Jenkins (Knoxville Webb) 26pts vs. Dobyns-Bennett

Brady Nease (Union County) 26pts vs. Morristown West

Austin Cox (Knoxville Webb) 25pts vs. Dobyns-Bennett

Lucas Campbell (CAK) 25pts vs. FRA

Zeke Clark (Elizabethton) 25pts vs. Seymour

Josh Scudder (McMinn Central) 25pts vs. CAK



Middle Tennessee

Jalen Duke (MLK) 44pts vs. Carver

Andre Wilson (Austin East) 33pts vs. Maplewood

Christian Lynn (Goodpasture) 32pts vs. Franklin

Wesley Pigg (Collinwood) 29pts vs. LawrenceCounty

Charles Clark (Siegel) 28pts vs. Northeast

Ryan Jones (Siegel) 28pts vs. Hillsboro

Hunter Cary (Columbia Academy) 26pts vs. Eagleville

Drew Danesworth (Waverly Central) 26pts vs. PerryCounty

Sawyer Ray (Wayne County) 26pts vs. Mt. Pleasant

Andy Schumpert (Brentwood) 26pts vs. Mt.Juliet

Derrick Spears (MTCS) 26pts vs. Central Magnet

Braxton Bonds (CPA) 25pts vs. PJPII

Will Holt (Cascade) 25pts vs. Forrest

Reagan Johnson (Mt. Juliet) 25pts vs. Brentwood

Ethan Roller (DeKalb County) 25pts vs. Monterey



West Tennessee

Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) 41pts vs. Central Park Christian (AL)

Rayford Albright (Manassas) 36pts vs. Memphis Central

Dewaun Fowler (KIPP) 35pts vs. Douglass

Jordan Brown (Middle College) 34pts vs. Hillcrest

Eric McGill (Bartlett) 33pts vs. CBHS

Malik Pugh (Dyer County) 33pts vs. Fayette-Ware

Stephen Wright (Trezevant) 33pts vs. Westwood

Brandon Jones (Westwood) 31pts vs. Trezevant

Marlon Hunter (Houston) 31pts vs. Washington

LaGerald Vick (Douglass) 31pts vs. KIPP

Jaime Coleman (MAHS) 29pts vs. Maumelle (AR)

Marlon Hunter (Houston) 29pts vs. Craigmont

Brode McLaughlin (CBHS) 28pts vs. Memphis Catholic

Freddie Williams (Douglass) 28pts vs. KIPP

James Austin (MASE) 27pts vs. MBA

Deario Fields (MBA) 27pts vs. MASE

Mikkel Normant (Fayette-Ware) 27pts vs. DyerCounty

Mikkel Normant (Fayette-Ware) 26pts vs. CrockettCounty

Justin Wertner (St. George's) 26pts vs. MHEA

Malik Hicks (Jackson Southside) 25pts vs. Raleigh-Egypt