Anthony Leads Region Scoring List



The following is the list of the top scoring efforts in the region. Since the pool was considerably shrunk we decided to include everyone who scored 20 points or more.


If we miss someone on the list please let me know, I try to ascertain as much info as I can but sometimes the info is not available, feel free to send me an email at with any scoring info, interesting facts including 1,000 point scorers and such.


Montrae Williams (Spring Hill) surpassed a scoring milestone dropping his 1,000 point in region play.


Xavier Howard (Howard) made the most of his region experience scoring 33 points against Coalfield and adding 29 more in the semi-finals against Wartburg Central.


Haden Williams (Bruceton) had a nice region tourney dropping 25 points against Lake County after scoring 24 points against Greenfield.


Justin Davenport (Cannon County) has his squad still battling for a spot in the state after scoring 26 points in the region final loss to Livingston Academy. Davenport started his region scoring spree with 25 points against Notre Dame and 28 markers against DeKalb County.


Shariff Cobb (CSAS) snared Region Tourney MVP honors with his 23 point effort in the region final victory over Lookout Valley after starting his region work with 20 points against Van Buren County.


Adonis Thomas (Melrose) has Melrose still alive despite having to travel for their sub-state game after notching 27 points against Germantown and adding 27 more in the region final loss to White Station.


Javonte Woody (Middleton) set his region ablaze with 25 points against City University and 30 against Westwood.


Trent Boles (Clay County) has his squad playing at a very high level starting with his 21 markers against Pickett County, finishing with his 29 large against Gordonsville.


Zavion Williams (West Creek) has been a decorated young man this season, snaring District and Region MVP honors while notching 21 points against Beech in the opening round adding 24 against Northeast and closing it out with 35 points in a region championship victory over Clarksville.







Region Tournament Scoring List:


(East Tennessee)

Jason Steele (Johnson County) 39pts vs. Cumberland Gap

Brandon Lopez (Austin East) 38pts vs. Alcoa

Xavier Howard (Harriman) 33pts vs. Coalfield

Jose Agosto (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 32pts vs. CAK

Nick Ross (Red Bank) 31pts vs. Polk County

Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater) 31pts vs. Brainerd

Daniel Cartwright (Sequatchie County) 30pts vs. Livingston Academy

Jethro Griffin (Sequoyah) 30pts vs. Tyner Academy

Xavier Howard (Harriman) 29pts vs. Wartburg Central

Austin Harrell (Unicoi County) 29pts vs. West Greene

Cory Conard (Cosby) 27pts vs. Hampton

Casey Smith (Morristown East) 27pts vs. David Crockett

Jonathan Evans (University) 27pts vs. Hancock County

Cory Nelson (Grace Baptist) 27pts vs. Signal Mountain

Brandon Cole (Stone Memorial) 26pts vs. Fulton

Morrease Barber (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 26pts vs. Fulton

Nathaniel Hughes (Hampton) 26pts vs. J. Frank White

Darrius Higgens (Brainerd) 26pts vs. Sweetwater

Galen Campbell (Fulton) 25pts vs. Stone Memorial

Nathaniel Hughes (Hampton) 25pts vs. Cosby

Hogan Whitmire (Signal Mountain) 25pts vs. Grace Baptist

Cody Malicoat (Jellico) 24pts vs. Oneida

Jon Patten (Signal Mountain) 24pts vs. Grace Baptist

Stracey Bonner (Lookout Valley) 24pts vs. Temple

Michael Wilson (Berean Christian) 24pts vs. Wartburg Central

Shariff Cobb (CSAS) 23pts vs. Lookout Valley

Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central) 23pts vs. Berean Christian

Jason Steele (Johnson County) 23pts vs. Greeneville

Jacob Rechenbach (Berean Christian) 22pts vs. Wartburg Central

Will Adams (Science Hill) 22pts vs. Daniel Boone

D'Andre Harris (Karns) 22pts vs. Bearden

D.J. Bowles (Cleveland) 22pts vs. Ooltewah

Jacqueze Robinson (Temple) 21pts vs. Lookout Valley

Dylan Ward (Hampton) 21pts vs. Cloudland

Devin Schmidt (Sevier County) 21pts vs. Morristown East

Travis Keever (Daniel Boone) 21pts vs. Science Hill

Will Carter (Science Hill) 21pts vs. Daniel Boone

Cory Conard (Cosby) 21pts vs. Unaka

Dimitrique Inman (Harriman) 21pts vs. Jellico

Brent Ayers (Jellico) 21pts vs. Harriman

Calvin Walker (Knoxville West) 21pts vs. Anderson County

Shariff Cobb (CSAS) 20pts vs. Van Buren County

Dre Mathieu (Knoxville Central) 20pts vs. Knoxville Catholic

JayJuan Mitchell (Knoxville West) 20pts vs. Anderson County

Delaney Heathington (Lookout Valley) 20pts vs. Signal Mountain


 (Middle Tennessee)

Kedren Johnson (Marshall County) 38pts vs. Giles County

Jordan Godwin (Jackson County) 37pts vs. Friendship Christian

Corn Elder (Ensworth) 36pts vs. MBA

Zavion Williams (West Creek) 35pts vs. Clarksville

Malcolm Smith (Clarksville Academy) 34pts vs. McEwen

Steadman Ford (Notre Dame) 31pts vs. Cannon County

JeQuan Lewis (Dickson County) 30pts vs. Gallatin

Mookie Betts (Overton) 29pts vs. Brentwood

Trent Boles (Clay County) 29pts vs. Gordonsville

Jacob Tucker (Perry County) 28pts vs. Summertown

Justin Davenport (Cannon County) 28pts vs. DeKalb County

Montrae Williams (Spring Hill) 28pts vs. Giles County

Eli Spivey (McEwen) 27pts vs. Nashville Christian

Alex Poythress (Northeast) 27pts vs. Wilson Central

Tyler Rice (Wayne County) 27pts vs. Columbia Academy

Martin Smith (Clarksville Academy) 26pts vs. Huntland

Justin Davenport (Cannon County) 26pts vs. Livingston Academy

Matt Ogle (Nashville Christian) 26pts vs. McEwen

Cameron Prather (White's Creek) 26pts vs. Sycamore

Garrett Mullinicks (McEwen) 25pts vs. Nashville Christian

Justin Davenport (Cannon County) 25pts vs. Notre Dame

Corn Elder (Ensworth) 25pts vs. Baylor

Bud Cannon (FRA) 24pts vs. JCS

Zavion Williams (West Creek) 24pts vs. Northeast

Jalen Lindsey (CPA) 24pts vs. East Literature

Craig Bradshaw (CPA) 24pts vs. East Literature

Terrence Dixon (LaVergne) 24pts vs. Lincoln County

Chris Willingham (East Literature) 24pts vs. CPA

Mason Ramsey (Livingston Academy) 23pts vs. Cannon County

Kyle Neal (Friendship Christian) 23pts vs. Jackson County

Troy Hardison (Giles County) 23pts vs. Harpeth

Cheau Hendricks (East Literature) 23pts vs. CPA

Chris Nash (Upperman) 22pts vs. Livingston Academy

JaQuan Lewis (Dickson County) 22pts vs. Clarksville

Daijon Williams (Clarksville) 22pts vs. Hendersonville

Tre Rowe (Page) 22pts vs. Waverly Central

Levi Miller (Grundy County) 22pts vs. DeKalb County

Tyler Fuqua (Sycamore) 22pts vs. White's Creek

Eli Matthews (Summertown) 21pts vs. Perry County

Kyle Carter (LaVergne) 21pts vs. Lawrence County

Trent Boles (Clay County) 21pts vs. Pickett County

Montrae Williams (Spring Hill) 21pts vs. Stewart County

Dallas Grace (Macon County) 21pts vs. Maplewood

Zavion Williams (West Creek) 21pts vs. Beech

Philip Roper (Cookeville) 21pts vs. McMinn County

Justin Perry (Overton) 20pts vs. Ravenwood

Bill Hughes (Hunter's Lane) 20pts vs. Brentwood

Cody Shelton (Brentwood) 20pts vs. McGavock

Wes Grace (Red Boiling Springs) 20pts vs. Clarkrange

Braxton Atnip (DeKalb County) 20pts vs. Grundy County

Eli Matthews (Summertown) 20pts vs. Culleoka

Destry Wiggens (DeKalb County) 20pts vs. Cannon County

Dakota Priest (Nashville Christian) 20pts vs. McEwen


(West Tennessee)

Kendall Anthony (Liberty Tech) 40pts vs. Bolivar Central

Jalen Selmon (City University) 34pts vs. Middleton

Steve Kaspar (ECS) 31pts vs. Ezell-Harding

Javonte Woody (Middleton) 30pts vs. Westwood

DeAndre Barnette (Liberty Tech) 30pts vs. Southside

Daniel Harris (Dresden) 30pts vs. Union City

Dontavious Sears (Manassas) 29pts vs. BTW

Ryan Thompson (Douglass) 28pts vs. Adamsville

Adonis Thomas (Melrose) 27pts vs. White Station

Justin Street (Sheffield) 27pts vs. Northside

Kendall Anthony (Liberty Tech) 27pts vs. Dyersburg

Adonis Thomas (Melrose) 27pts vs. Germantown

Jake Martin (Adamsville) 26pts vs. Westwood

Demarcus Turner (Fayette-Ware) 26pts vs. Bolivar Central

Javonte Woody (Middleton) 25pts vs. City University

Haden Williams (Bruceton) 25pts vs. Lake County

Haden Williams (Bruceton) 24pts vs. Greenfield

Quan Campbell (Humboldt) 24pts vs. Lake County

Ricky Boyd (Lake County) 23pts vs. Humboldt

Demetrus Claybon (Covington) 23pts vs. Fayette-Ware

Wes Clark (Greenfield) 23pts vs. Bruceton

Danny Galvin (MUS) 23pts vs. McCallie

Kerrell Davis (Hillcrest) 23pts vs. Kingsbury

Domonick Robbins (FACS) 22pts vs. FRA

Carlos Hart (Fayette-Ware) 22pts vs. Covington

Ike Griffith (Middle College) 21pts vs. Middleton

Jonathan Payne (JCS) 21pts vs. DCA

Martavious Newby (BTW) 21pts vs. Manassas

Winn Decker (Dyersburg) 21pts vs. Liberty Tech

Jarnell Stokes (Memphis Central) 21pts vs. Southwind

Martavious Newby (BTW) 20pts vs. Sheffield

Hayden McClain (West Carroll) 20pts vs. Humboldt

Fred Yarbrough (Dyer County) 20pts vs. Raleigh-Egypt

Will Erwin (Adamsville) 20pts vs. Westwood

Daniel Sears (JCS) 20pts vs. FRA

Cedric McAfee (Melrose) 20pts vs. Memphis Central

Robert Hubbs (Dyer County) 20pts vs. Raleigh-Egypt

Blake Johnson (Memphis Central) 20pts vs. Southwind

Craig Hill (Cordova) 20pts vs. Jackson Northside

Demetrius Dyson (Brighton) 20pts vs. Arlington