adidas Phenom 150 Camp Results (Day One Only)…Johnson Shines Bright

kedren johnson.jpg

The adidas Phenom 150 camp took place this weekend at picturesque MBA in Nashville. I was able to see all four of the teams in attendance play one game and enjoyed the short visit to the camp.

Two campers in particular caught my attention immediately Jacob Lloyd (Westview) and Kedren Johnson (Marshall County).

Lloyd, a lefty stroker, showed nice basketball skills either from three or the short pull-up. His game is strong and he came to play on this afternoon.

Johnson was in other words spectacular. The young man showed a poise that belied his age and was unselfish running most of the game from the point. He has great size at 6'3 and can handle the ball with flair. He shoots well and is in constant motion. His tempo is what I found his best asset and he goes very hard on both ends of the floor.

In addition to those two youngster I put together a small list of players (10) who I thought played well in the games I attended. They will be listed in alphabetical order.


Daniel Cartwright (Sequatchie County) Class of 2012

Young man showed a great basketball IQ. His shot was adequate and he played intelligent and unselfish.


Evan Forhetz (Ravenwood) Class of 2011

Another solid player with a good basketball mind. His shot was good and he was always in the pass first mode. Played good defense and made hustle plays with his anticipatory instincts.


Dionte Kelley (Alabama) Class of 2011

Athletic youngster was good going to the basket but really needs work on his outside game. He really made some solid adjustments as the game went on showing he could take coaching and advise.


Jack Montague (Brentwood) Class of 2012

Small fella showed grit and determination. He has good basketball instincts with his passing skills and ability to knock down the open jumper. He made good decisions with the ball.


Austin Odom (Mt. Juliet) Class of 2012

The first thing you notice is the unorthodox release of his shot the second thing is how often it goes in the basket. Nothing speaks volumes like results. Youngster had five or six threes the game I saw and always seemed to get open. Small in size but big from deep.


Jaylin Prewitt (Alabama) Class of 2012

Nice player who showed some range from deep and knocked down several foul line jumpers as well. He's a small guard who gets open with constant motion and is athletic enough to create his opportunities.


Cham Quao (?) Class of 2012

Very active player on both ends of the floor. Showed he could shot a bit and take his defender off the dribble if the opportunity presented itself. Good size and skill.


Kevin Speight (Alabama) Class of 2011

Nice lefty who showed skills with his shot and ability to get everyone involved. Very intelligent player who looked for the best shot on each possession he ran the show. Nice.


Robert Veal (Ravenwood) Class of 2011

Good size and was a monster on the defensive glass. Always waited for guard help and never took unneccessary chances with the ball. On offense he tended to drift to the perimeter, which was not all bad because he can shoot well. His best game will come when he can add the inisde game to his outside shot renedering him much more effective. Good prospect.


Eliot Watts (MBA) Class of 2012

Big man has good hands and when he adds strength and work in the post drills he will be quite the player. His shots were limited because of typical guard play in camp setting but when he got the chance he usually scored. Will get great tutledge at MBA and become a solid player down the road.