423 Hoops Fall League Week #3 and #4 Game Breakdowns

Two weeks worth of action to catch up on here for the 423 Hoops Fall League as they started their league tournament this past Saturday for seeding for the epic showdown on September 25th against the top six teams from our own Rocky Top League.





Week #3 Game Breakdowns


Game #1

Team D. Percell 77

Joey Hancock (Morristown West) 17pts

Eli Johnson (Unicoi County) 14pts

Grant Hensley (Unicoi County) 13pts

Braydin Minton (Volunteer) 12pts


Team Duggar 57

Nicholas Wilson (Elizabethton) 18pts

Jason Britton (North Greene) 11pts

Bryce Van Huss (Elizabethton) 11pts

Cody Freshour (North Greene) 10pts


Game #2

Team Potts 81

Dawson Wagner (David Crockett) 26pts

Kyle Cloninger (Morristown East) 19pts

Ethan Chavez (Rye Cove) 12pts


Team A. Percell 69

Dante Worley (Virginia) 17pts

Luke Daugherty (Morristown East) 14pts

Cooper Wright (Morristown East) 11pts

Dawson Arnold (West Ridge) 10pts



Game #3

Team Hopson 70

Jamar Livingston (Science Hill) 19pts

Creed Musick (Daniel Boone) 11pts

Nevada Goodwin (Daniel Boone) 10pts

Landon Carico (Daniel Boone) 10pts


Team Jackson 68

McKinley Tincher (Dobyns-Bennett) 15pts

Dylan Bartley (Sullivan East) 14pts

Brady Stump (Dobyns-Bennett) 10pts



Game #4

Team Muggs 75

Carter Metz (Dobyns-Bennett) 24pts

Bradley Owens (Twin Springs) 17pts

Malachi Hale (Dobyns-Bennett) 15pts

Cooper Johnson (West Ridge) 10pts


Team Fugate 42

Brandon Dufore (Tennessee) 10pts



Week #4 Game Results (1st Round Playoff Seeding)


Team Hopson 80

Team A. Percell 60


Jamar Livingston (Science Hill) and Landon Carico (Daniel Boone) scored 34 and 29 respectively as Team Hopson moved into the second round of the playoffs with an 80-60 win over Team A. Percell.


Joltin Harrison (Volunteer) scored 16 in defeat.


Team Hopson moves to the semi-finals against Team Potts.



Team  Jackson 81

Team D. Percell 51


Dylan Bartley (Sullivan East) and Jack Browder (Dobyns-Bennett) scored 19 each leading a balanced group of double digit scorers with an 81-51 win over Team D. Percell.


McKinley Tincher (Dobyns-Bennett) added 16, Braden Stanbridge (Sullivan East) threw in 15 and Brady Stump (Dobyns-Bennett) managed 10 in the win.  


Grant Hensley (Unicoi County) finished with 18 in the loss.


Team Jackson moves into the semi-finals against Team Smith.



Team Potts 59

Team Fugate 56


Kyle Cloninger (Morristown East) scored a game high 24 points as Team Potts advanced in the 423 Hoops Fall League playoffs with a 59-56 win over Team Fugate.


Dawson Wagner (David Crockett) added 15 in the victory.


Keynan Cutlip (Science Hill) led Team Fugate with 19 while Brandon Dufore (Tennessee) closed with 13 in the loss.



Team Potts takes on Team Hopson in semi-final action next Saturday,



Team Smith 81

Team Dugger 56


Carter Metz (Dobyns-Bennett) dropped a league high 38 points as Team Smith advanced into semi-final action with an 81-56 win over Team Dugger.


Bradley Owens (Twin Springs) added 20 in the win.


Reid Satterfield (Greeneville) dropped 19 while Nicholas Wilson (Elizabethton) closed with 10 in the loss.




423 Hoops Fall League Scoring Leaders Week #3 and Week #4

Carter Metz (Dobyns-Bennett) 38pts

Jamar Livingston (Science Hill) 34pts

Landon Carico (Daniel Boone) 29pts

Dawson Wagner (David Crockett) 26pts

Kyle Cloninger (Morristown East) 24pts

Carter Metz (Doyns-Bennett) 24pts

Bradley Owens (Twin Springs) 20pts

Dylan Bartley (Sullivan East) 19pts

Jack Browder (Dobyns-Bennett) 19pts

Kyle Cloninger (Morristown East) 19pts

Keynan Cutlip (Science Hill) 19pts

Jamar Livingston (Science Hill) 19pts

Reid Satterfield (Greenville) 19pts