Terry Holt Leads the State Tournament Scoring Parade

Once again I have scoured the newspapers, faxes, twitters and other forms of media that come to my attention compiling a list of the top scorers in the state for each week of the season.


If you know of some scoring exploits or a scoring milestone such as 1,000 point club or something of that nature please email me at andre@tnprephoops.com and I will get this added to the next week’s story. 



If you know of someone who scored over 25 points and they did not make the list please let me know and I will add them to the following weeks list.


College coaches have told me this is one of their favorite features as it helps them get an understanding on the pulse of the new season.


The gold balls have been distributed and the high school season has come to a close. The state tournament was one of the most exciting in years. Here are the scoring leaders from the state tournament followed by some per game averages for those players who played at least two games.     




East Tennessee

Levi Woods (Meigs County) 30pts vs. BTW

Jalin Henderson (Oak Ridge) 24pts vs. Blackman

Matthew Meadows (Meigs County) 24pts vs. Columbia Academy

Hays Culbreth (Greeneville) 22pts vs. Carter

Isaac Merian (Oak Ridge) 21pts vs. Arlington

Stanley Valentine (Hampton) 20pts vs. Lead Academy


Middle Tennessee

Ryan Jones (Siegel) 29pts vs. Arlington

Cody DeVillanueva (Upperman) 27pts vs. CPA

Terry Holt (East Nashville) 27pts vs. Tyner Academy

Thomas Booker (East Nashville) 26pts vs. Jackson Southside

Terry Holt (East Nashville) 26pts vs. Jackson Southside

Jackson Cary (Columbia Academy) 25pts vs. Meigs County

Charles Clark (Siegel) 24pts vs. Arlington

Braxton Blackwell (CPA) 23pts vs. Jackson Southside

Juaun Jennings (Blackman) 22pts vs. Hamilton

Braxton Bonds (CPA) 20pts vs. Upperman

Andrew Rogan (Blackman) 20pts vs. Hamilton


West Tennessee

Malik Hicks (Jackson Southside) 29pts vs. East Nashville

C.J. Anderson (Arlington) 26pts vs. Siegel

Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) 25ptsvs. East Nashville

Naba Echols (Mitchell) 25pts vs. Meigs County

Chris McNeal (Jackson Southside) 25pts vs. East Nashville

Dedric Lawson (Hamilton) 24pts vs. Blackman

Malik Hicks (Jackson Southside) 23pts vs. Manassas

Tyree Beason (BTW) 22pts vs. Boyd Buchanan

Chris McNeal (Jackson Southside) 22pts vs. CPA

Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) 21pts vs. Manassas

Jamarcus Franklin (BTW) 20pts vs. Boyd Buchanan

Cody Hailstock (Arlington) 20pts vs. Oak Ridge

Keelon Lawson (Hamilton) 20pts vs. Blackman



State Tournament Scoring Averages (Minimum 2 Games Played)


Terry Holt (East Nashville) 22.7

Malik Hicks (Jackson Southside) 21.3

Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) 21.0

Thomas Booker (East Nashville) 21.0

Levi Woods (Meigs County) 21.0

Chris McNeal (Jackson Southside) 20.3

Stanley Valentine (Hampton) 20.0

Braxton Blackwell (CPA) 18.5

Naba Echols (Mitchell) 18.3

Jamarcus Frankin (BTW) 18.0

Braxton Bonds (CPA) 17.5

C.J. Anderson (Arlington) 16.5

Juaun Jennings (Blackman) 15.7

K.J. Bates (Arlington) 15.5

Angelo Smith (BTW) 15.5

Cody Hailstock (Arlington) 14.0

Jeremiah Martin (Mitchell) 13.7

Jalin Henderson (Oak Ridge) 13.0

Adarius Avery (Arlington) 12.5

Isaac Merian (Oak Ridge) 12.3

Matthew Meadows (Meigs County) 12.0

Jake Allsmiller (CPA) 11.5

Lukas Hart (Blackman) 11.3

Andrew Rogan (Blackman) 11.3

Kevin Steen (Oak Ridge) 11.3

Zy Moore (Meigs County) 10.3

Andy Schumpert (Brentwood) 10.0