2017 Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League Rosters

Its is once again that time. Yeah we know football is starting but where we come from this time of year means the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League. Once again we will play our games at lovely CPA in Nashville.






The game schedules are as follows:

August 26th

September 2nd

September 23rd

October 7th

October 14th (Championship Saturday)

Game times will be 9:00 thru 1:00


Here are the rosters for the league. I will email everybody each week on the Thursday before you play with your game time and opponent. I will attach a schedule to the first email which will go out next week. Some of you have paid already online if you haven't you can pay when you come to the first game.


East Division



Brandon Thomas (Blackman)

Nathan Nelson (Blackman)

Jordan Birchfield (Blackman)

William Shaw (Pearl Cohn)

Isaiah Shaw (Davidson Academy)

Jordan Lockridge (Mt. Juliet)

Chantz Hillman (Cane Ridge)

Edwin Broadnax (Hillsboro)

Blake Pruitt (Baylor)

Samuel Blackwell (Home School)




James Polite (Blackman)

Jalen Page (Blackman)

Gabriel Martin (Blackman)

Silas Clark (Cumberland County)

Ben Mills (Brentwood)

Preston Moore (Brentwood)

Trey Trotter (Summertown)

Trent Turner (Hickman County)

Evan Sigler (Franklin)

Reece Glover (Franklin)




Brayden Siren (Riverdale)

Rashaad Thompson (Riverdale)

Jaden Lewis (Summit)

Isaac Polk (Summit)

Malcolm Hamilton (Thurman Francis)

Keontai Windrow (Stratford)

Cecil Trotter (Hillsboro)

Cole Levin (Rossview)

Max Leineweber (Rossview)

Kole Monson (Rossview)




Elijah Cobb (Riverdale)

Derron Perry (Riverdale)

Mitchell Sorenson (Beech)

Jayson Brown (Beech)

A.J. Robertson (Beech)

Luke Conger (Father Ryan)

Jonathan Clausi (Father Ryan)

Mason McKnatt (Grace Christian)

Masen Wilson (MLK)

Hudson Stroman (Nolensville)




Dennis Stallings (White's Creek)

Dezmin McClain (White's Creek)

Demonte Stewart (White's Creek)

Bryce McBride (Jackson Southside)

Braden Zapp (CPA)

River Tannehill (Curry Ingram)

Christian Ahlstrand (Curry Ingram)

Carson Deyo (Columbia Academy)

Keyshaun Collier (Ensworth)

Brady Ragland (Cookeville)



West Division




Isaiah Bowers (White's Creek)

Chad Haywood (White's Creek)

Dylan Wade (White's Creek)

Donald Fitzgerald (Hillsboro)

Jordan DeWalt (CPA)

Syeed Anderson (Lead Academy)

James Franklin (Siegel)

Kareem Aaron (Siegel)

Tyus White (Lead Academy)

Desmond Simpson (Blackman)




Drew Dibble (USN)

William Mizell (USN)

George Corzine (USN)

Sterling Craig (Ravenwood)

Drew Cox (CPA)

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County)

Caleb Fields (Marshall County)

Keshaun Gentry (Marshall County)

Truman Mizell (Curry Ingram)

Jared Ward (White House)



Michigan State

Drew Weikert (MBA)

Will Nutter (MBA)

Alex Roberts (MBA)

Justin McMurray (Station Camp)

Sam Smith (CPA)

Ken Miller (Station Camp)

Rojnay Bush (LaVergne)

Joseph Howard (Siegel)

Ethan Jones (Siegel)

Matthew Schneider (Siegel)




Gray Michael (Franklin Classical)

Bryce Watts (Franklin Classical)

Austin Jackson (Rossview)

Will Midlick (Rossview)

Alex Burt (CPA)

Jonathan Howard (Cane Ridge)

Taeon Stewart (Cane Ridge)

David Smith (Cane Ridge)

Ross Johnson (MBA)

Octavian Arnold (Gallatin)



Ohio State

Nate Bloedorn (Nolensville)

Nathan Foutch (Nolensville)

Andrew Neuhaus (Nolensville)

Jalen Pegues (Hillsboro)

Matt Dial (CPA)

Price Tramel (Oakland)

Jaden Jamison (Oakland)

Chuck Turner (Oakland)

Mac James (Independence)

Preston Garner (Independence)