2015 Carson Newman Evaluations (Tennessee 1-10)

Finally we get started on the evaluations from the Carson Newman showcase. The evals will be done daily by team and posted on the website www.tnprephoops.com.







  1. Junior Clay (McCallie)

5'11 PG 2018

Natural leader from the point guard spot, Clay is one of the most accomplished kids at his age group in the state. He sees the floor, he creates opportunities for everyone and he is adept at finishing at the rim himself. He has excellent handles, plays at a winning tempo and just understands what his role is on the floor. He defends well on the ball but will take a chance at a deflection or steal at times. I would like to see him work on his shooting and making this the next evolution to his game. The new rules are made for high IQ lead guards and Junior falls right into that equation.


  1. Tyler Mullins (Gibbs)

5'10 PG/SG 2016

I have been pleasantly surprised with the effort and determination of this young man. Not exactly sure what position he is at this point so that really needs to be cleared up going into his senior campaign. Tyler is a decent shooter who will get better with extra work on his stroke and technique. He likes to handle the ball but has a propensity to over dribble and turn the ball over. When the tempo is faster his decision making is more solid. He will need to finish better at the cup and get stronger as he faces the better two-guards in his league. His effort on defense has been adequate but I just feel he has more to show us on that front.


  1. Cameron Hayes (Cookeville)

6'3 SG 2016

This is a young man who is much more settled and comfortable in a structured setting. Camp basketball can be guard heavy despite of the restrictions you attempt to implement. Hayes is a team player who makes plays and as described in one of the evaluations "awkwardly efficient". He moves very well without the ball and can knock down the open shot when he is set and his fundamentals are true. He has good size for a two guard but must work on his lateral quickness and foot work if he is to get an opportunity to play at the next level. Defensively he does well against equal competition yet needs to step up the intensity against better players.


  1. Maverick Smith (Oakdale)

6'4 WF 2017

Solid shooter from the mid-range arena, grabs rebounds, pushes the ball and has decent size for his position. Smith did a great job scoring the ball, as he usually has no problem in that realm, his shot selection can be a little less than desirable at times but he plays with confidence and when in rhythm can really knock down the shot from all the way to the big line. He scores inside using creative methods like, short hook shots and back to the basket moves in the paint. Smith will need to work on his strength thus allowing him more freedom off the dribble and the ability to finish at the rim. Adding this will make that shot even more valuable. Defensively he just needs to use his athleticism and dedicate himself to improving this weakness in his craft.


  1. Bryric Savage (Cookeville)

6'5 PF 2016

Very solid inside player who has a deft touch around the rim, passes very well out of the double team and is improving his body away from possibly getting the opportunity to play somewhere on the next level. He has great hands a huge plus for an interior player, he needs to develop a left-hand; as well as, a go to move and a counter to that. He seals well on the glass but can be pushed around at times. Getting his body basketball ready is his biggest hurdle, he has natural size for a lower level small college post and could be a very effective player if he got lighter on his feet and quicker in his back to the basket repertoire.


  1. Jacob Wilbershied (Cookeville)

6'1 SG 2017

Young shooting guard who plays hard and has the basketball IQ to make things happen on the floor. His size limits a great deal of his scoring chances so getting his body stronger for the rigors of taking the ball to the basketball in Class AAA is priority one for Jacob. Now despite his lack of strength, this kid is smart and as noted by one evaluation several times, "This kid is shifty, not athletic but manages to get his shot off". His size will dictate that he also learns to play the lead guard position. I believe you will see a huge jump in his effectiveness once he commits to getting his body in the position to help him accomplish his goals.


  1. Dustin Bunton (Walker Valley)

6'0 SG 2019\

As we often note, this is generally the first time that incoming freshman are thrust into the forefront and having to compete on the floor with players from every grade level. We could comment that he needs strength, of course he does he's 14 but my sole purpose for these kids is how did they compete. Bunton looked overwhelmed at times, his lack of strength was apparent but he competed and he didn't back down so he's headed in the proper direction. He will need to work on his skill level and become more confident in his abilities. All this comes with age and getting yourself in the gym and weight room.


  1. Nico Simpkins (Baylor)

6'3 WF 2018

Young man plays with effort, has a good strong body and does some basketball things to everyone's liking. What position is he at this point is a glaring question. His shooting needs a lot of work and his body type lends one to move towards the post arena. He has excellent hands and when stationed on the block he passed very well out of the double team. He has an understanding of where and when to position himself as well. Nico will need to get his body into the shape that dictates being used on the wing which I assume is his preference. His shooting requires immediate attention and he is the type of kid who will get in the gym and work on his craft.


  1. Mac Hunt (McCallie)

6'7 WF 2018

Hunt was one of the top players at the event. His length and shooting touch caught the attention of everyone in attendance. He moves well without the ball and had a nice day finishing the ball at the rim despite contact. His slight build will need to be the focus of his improvement as he will be handled roughly by defenders who perceive this as a weakness. As we mentioned his shooting touch is solid and he will need to use this skill to develop some short one to two dribble moves off the head fake. His lateral quickness is another area of concern as he moves into his sophomore season. Defensively he gives effort but he has trouble with strong guards and wings keeping them from getting to their scoring destinations. Kid loves the game and I have no doubt he will work and make strides in all his requested areas of improvement.