2015 Carson Newman Evaluations (Ohio State 111-120)

Finally we get started on the evaluations from the Carson Newman showcase. The evals will be done daily by team and posted on the website www.tnprephoops.com.





Ohio State (110-120)


  1. Alex Reece (Cane Ridge)

6'0 PG 2016

Great teammate who always finds ways to contribute to the overall success of the task at hand, winning the game. Reece is a good shooter, not aesthetically pleasing in its appearance but it seems to find its way into the hole. He is a tough defender who plays with emotion. Not a great athlete but an intelligent player who understands the team game concept and plays accordingly. He is fundamentally solid and could improve his game tremendously with added footwork and lateral skill level work.


  1. Brandon Likely (Florida)

6'3 SG 2016

Big, strong athlete who can score in a multitude of ways in and around the basket. He needs to work on his body a little and get himself in better shape, his outside shooting form is rather flat and his defensive effort could also use an upgrade. He is at his best when he is attacking the rim, which he did on most every offensive set during the camp.


  1. Austin Kirby (Hendersonville)

6'4 SG/WF 2016

Much improved wing/shooting guard, Austin has really made major strides in his overall effort and skill level. His outside shooting is a bit streaky but has improved, he can really knock down a bunch in a row when he is feeling it. He has good length and can score when facing up, he will needs to remember to always keep the ball high and away from those pesky guards. He has a good jump stop and can be very effective on the interior with his length. A good athlete. Austin can run the floor but still needs to work on his ball-handling, an area he really needs to shore up. This kid loves basketball and spends a great deal of time honing his craft. I anticipate great things in his senior campaign.


  1. DeJaun Taylor-Hodge (Florida)

6'4 SG 2016

One of the most impressive players at the camp. Great size his game is scoring and he takes no prisoners. He scored with minimal effort, showed a great use of the dribble getting himself scoring chances and is not afraid to use the glass to get his buckets. He seemingly is at his best with the ball in his hands. He will need to work on being more productive without the ball. He has a tendency to watch when the ball is not in his hands and thus makes the offensive flow a but stagnant. Defensively he really needs to increase his effort. He is by far to good of an athlete to just go through the motions on defense.


  1. John Wagner (Heritage)

6'8 C 2018

"Finally an actual back to the basket post player, he has work to do obviously but I applaud him for knowing his role", great advise from one of the evaluations for Big John. Big man has size to his advantage, he will need to get in the gym and work on that frame. He could be a real game changer if he works on his lateral quickness and overall footwork and explosion. He showed some post ability on offense, a lefty jump hook over his right shoulder was a treat. His confidence level on offense is not where it will be once he increases his strength. Stop spinning in the lane nothing good can come of that. He needs to work on being more of a presence on the glass. At his size and until his body catches up, use what you have to box out and create space to grab caroms. Generally big kids are behind offensively and more effective on defense but this case is the opposite. Id like to see Big John become more of a force on the defensive end, the aforementioned rebounding prowess but altering shots and clipping some drives with a timely block are all areas he can make major improvement in.


  1. Thomas Carroll (Wartburg Central)

6'1 SG 2017

OK he's not a great athlete or a big player but what he is a cerebral assassin who really understands the game and uses his mental skill level to get shots and make plays. Carroll is a winner, he goes hard to the glass on offensive and will finish despite contact. He is fundamentally sound, he is in your face and he has a will to win. He knows how to create space, he gets to open spots on the floor and his outside shooting is adequate. His release needs to be quickened and his shot is predicated on his footwork but those are all things that he can master and he will. This kid is a coaches dream, he's tough, he's heady and he has one singular focus...win the game.


  1. Austin Surgenor (Hancock County)

5'9 PG 2018

Small guard who played with effort but lacks the strength and skill at this point to be effective. He has a tendency to fade on his shot which is a symptom of lack of strength and he really needs to work on his footwork. His lateral skills need work and in his quest to make the transition fro offense to defense he can get off balance when he plays resulting in him being out of position when guarding his opponent. The young man seemed to have a passion for the game and these are all things that are workable as he grows into a high school player.


  1. Alec Kirby (Hendersonville)

6'0 SG 2018

Another young player who shows some skills and a growing basketball IQ but just lacks the physical tools to finish what he sees. Alec has a good feel for the game, he was very good at the post entry phase we initiated to slow down the tempo and seemed much more comfortable in that pace of game. He is really fundamentally sound, he passes well, his shot is not bad and he makes the transition from offense to defense without much problem. He used his IQ to drift out and create scoring chances for himself in transition and kept his cool if that opportunity didn't present itself, thus getting his team into their half court set.


  1. Brandon Davis (Heritage)

6'2 WF 2017

Productive player who showed a myriad of scoring methods. He scored on the interior in the half court set, he drove the ball hard to the bucket in transition and finished despite contact and was confident on his outside release. His physical nature helps him on the inside, scoring and especially on the glass where he really gets his moneys worth. His outside shot is a work in progress and he will need to work on his footwork and explosive skills as well. His effort is his shining light and he will be a very productive player this season as he was at the camp.


  1. Dillon Fountain (Wartburg Central)

6'4 WF 2018

Long and underrated athletic youngster, Fountain has some serious hops and is improving his overall skills to the point where he will be a player to watch as he gets older. He has a real good understanding of the game, he understands spacing and drew multiple defenders to him before making the post entry for the easy score. His shooting is coming along and once he adds some upper body strength his overall game will flourish. His vision is an area that he excels, he sees plays before they happen, he gets the ball to the right player in transition creating easy scoring chances and he can take the ball to the bucket on his own as well. I like this kids athletic prowess, his future and his continued improvement. GET STRONGER.