2015 Carson Newman Evaluations (Cincinnati 61-70)

Finally we get started on the evaluations from the Carson Newman showcase. The evals will be done daily by team and posted on the website www.tnprephoops.com.





Cincinnati (61-70)


  1. Grant Seal (Jefferson County)

5'11 PG 2016

Competitor who is a total team guy in every aspect of the word. Grant is a good solid defender, he fights through screens and is not afraid to dive on the deck for loose balls. He is the kid that coaches love to have on their team because he is unselfish and he wants to win. He has a decent shooting touch with time. Quickness and athleticism are things he will continue to overcome but his effort makes up for some of those shortcomings. He appeared comfortable with all the rules we set in place to slow the tempo of the game.


  1. Adrian Thomas (McCallie)

6'2 SG 2016

"Leader" a praise not given to many but mentioned in every evaluation on this rising senior. Good player who has skills, plays tough defense, rebounds the ball well and is flawless in his transition from defense to offense, snatching the board and busting out to push the ball down the floor. He is strong, talkative and can finish well at the rim. He uses the fake well and is deceptive with his creative passing and mental grasp of the game. His body is stout but he needs to be careful not to get out of basketball shape which could happen with his wide frame. His outside shooting is his biggest area for improvement. As a two guard this will need to become a priority for his continued move up the charts.


  1. Sawyer Taylor (Station Camp)

6'2 SG 2016

Off guard who also possesses some lead guard skills. He makes good decisions with the ball whether knocking down an open jumper or putting it on the floor and finishing at the rim. He uses ball screens very well, getting open shots or making clever passes to open teammates. His shooting stroke and form are good, he tends to change his footwork from set shooting to jump shooting from shot to shot, something he needs to get much more consistent at doing. He finds cutters in transition, he is a floor leader who is not afraid to vocalize his opinion to his teammates. His lateral quickness is an area he could make some additional improvement as he gets in the arena against bigger, stronger and more athletic guards.


  1. Henley Edge (McCallie)

6'4 SG/WF 2017

Good looking athlete who seems to be coming into his own as a player. Solid perimeter defender who pursues the ball very well. Get stronger, seemed to be a common theme from every evaluation coupled with some very positive reviews about his ability to pass from the wing and take the ball off the dribble and finish through contact. At times he finds himself hanging out at the three-point line waiting for something to happen, make it happen yourself, your a good athlete who is additional confidence away from being a very good player. He needs to work on his aggression on the offense end, giving the same night in and night out effort that he displays on the defensive side of the ball.


  1. Spencer Lowe (Maryville)

6'5 PF 2017

Hard working inside player who has made huge strides since last season. Lowe seems to bring his lunch pail every time he steps on the hardwood. He works hard for rebounding position, he fights for 50/50 balls and he has a relentless motor. He is very skilled at grabbing the board and starting the transition phase with a solid outlet pass. He runs the floor relentlessly and is not afraid of contact. He can score with both hands over either shoulder but his offensive skill set is still a work in progress. He needs to work on his footwork and coordination. He will occasionally try to overdue things on offense instead of just making the right play but those instances have become fewer and farther between as he has matured. This kid has a motor and a work ethic, he is well coached and will be a keeper you watch and see.


  1. Austin Patterson (Sevier County)

5'11 PG 2017

Tough little competitor with a pretty good shooting stroke. Patterson was lauded as a hard worker who really needs to get his body stronger. We say this a great deal when referring to most of these kids but physical strength is the single biggest asset you can bring to the table if you wish to increase your confidence and overall skill development. He showed solid shooting skills but has a tendency to get a little to far out thus rendering his shot ineffective, again strength could be an asset here. He will need to increase his overall basketball arsenal and add some off the dribble action and work on making himself a better passer as well. He needs to work on staying down on defense and making better use of his footwork.


  1. Josh Dykes (Cumberland County)

5'10 PG 2018

Good little player who drew some praise for his hustle and determination. Small guard who brought his best on the defensive end, playing very good on the ball defense. His effort kept him in the game but he will need to get more accustomed to the athleticism he will see night in and night out on the Class AAA level. On offense he showed he was a capable shooter when he speeds up his release and gets time to set his feet. He attacks the basket off the dribble and was not shy taking it to the rim. As a lead guard he will need to be more cognizant of the game situations, making better decisions when it comes to getting his teammates involved and providing leadership from the most important position on the floor.


  1. Amon Grace (McCallie)

6'0 PG 2019

Very young guard who did some things well. He was not afraid to compete which is a great asset for a rising freshman. He showed a decent handle when unguarded but had more than his fair share of turnovers in traffic trying to do way to much with the ball. He needs to get in better game shape to be able to sprint up and down the floor. He didn't show much of a propensity to shoot preferring to remain on the perimeter trying to run the offense. On one hand when he got the rebound he busted out and led the transition down the floor, on another occasion he missed a shot and then walked down the floor. Maturity will cure some of those inconsistencies.


  1. David James (Knoxville Central)

6'0 PG 2018

Another young guard who was lauded by each and every evaluation for his shooting ability. " Catch and shoot" or "Shoots the 3 very well". As a point guard he needs to work on becoming more involved in the ball handling and passing aspects of the position. He has a tendency to pick up the ball when encountered by an aggressive defender and when rushed turns the ball over too much for a lead guard. He need to do a better job of locating his man on the transition from offense to defense, giving up entirely too many easy buckets in the process. He will always find a space in the lineup with his ability to shoot the ball but if he wishes to remain on the floor, defensive awareness, leadership and embracing the role of primary ball-handler will be areas he needs to concentrate.