2015 Carson Newman Evaluations (Alabama 11-20)

Finally we get started on the evaluations from the Carson Newman showcase. The evals will be done daily by team and posted on the website www.tnprephoops.com.




Alabama (11-20)


  1. Silas Clark (Cumberland County)

5'11 PG 2018

So many adjectives can describe this young man, he's a winner, tough, hard-nosed, smart, understand the position, knows the game and he's just a rising sophomore. Clark is one of those players who just gets it, if he was 6'3 every coach in America would know him but he's not so he will need to continue working to make his mark. He is an adequate shooter but could certainly improve that part of his game and he obviously needs to get stronger. His strength is his IQ, his willingness to anything to win and his leadership on the floor. This is the kid you win ball games with.


  1. Tristan Upchurch (Maryville)

6'1 PG/SG 2016

Tough kid who plays defense and is a solid scorer from the perimeter. He could be a devastating on-ball defender with his upper body strength but he tends to gamble at times. His toughness lets him get on the floor for loose balls and he is not afraid to take the ball to the basket despite contact. He is very adept from the foul line extended with his shooting touch and can knock them down from deep as well when his feet are set. He has a good understanding of the game and could be a very solid contributor on the proper level.


  1. Max Shulman (McCallie)

6'4 WF 2017

Much improved young player who has fought the injury bug for a couple of seasons. Max has good size, can shoot the ball, passes it very well and has a true understanding of the game as well as a coaches kid should. He has a good skill level but will need to work on his lateral quickness and explosion. His body type concludes you play him in the post but his skill level makes him someone who needs the ball on his hands, this creates a dilemma on defense. The kid plays hard and gives effort, dedication is not an issue. As he gets his body in better shape to guard on the perimeter his game will grow as well.


  1. Mason Bare (Morristown West)

6'3 SG 2017

Young man played with effort and was not afraid to stick his nose into the fray, he showed a good understanding of the game and was obviously more comfortable in the half-court settings dictated by our showcase rules. He showed he could put the ball on the floor and make things happen in the half-court but will need to continue to work on his outside shot. Defensively he understands the concept, he will need to work on his athleticism and quickness to make himself a viable defender. Mason has a high basketball IQ which will be beneficial as he continues to grow at the shooting guard position.


  1. Jai Atkins (Maryville)

6'5 PF 2016

Big bodied youngster who will still need to work on his conditioning but give him credit as he has made strides since we last saw him. He has good hands and footwork, understand how to get positioning on the interior and has a quick release on his scoring chances. He is deathly afraid to get out of his comfort zone, which means he has the same go to move every time and settles for that chance. He had trouble getting up and down the floor which limited his scoring options and rebounding opportunities. Once he dedicates himself to getting into proper basketball shape, works on counter moves and decides he is a dominant force inside then good things can happen for Atkins.


  1. John Rayle (Berean Christian)

6'2 SG/WF 2016

Decent athlete who played with effort and never let down on either end of the floor. His skill level needs improvement, especially in the ball-handling area where he will need to upgrade those skills if he is to play on the perimeter with the ball in his hands for scoring chances. His shooting was adequate but could always improve with repetition and continued work. Defensively he was at his best, he uses his athleticism to stay in front of his opponent but he lacks the strength to keep a big guard out of the lane or from getting his shot. Getting in the gym and working on his handles, footwork and strength will do wonders as he enters his final high school season.


  1. Amos Davenport (Chattanooga Christian)

5-8 PG 2019\

"Small but scrappy" was a quote from one of the evaluations and it applies to Amos but there is so much more to talk about. This kid was fearless, which I love at this age, he had confidence in his shot, he made good passes in both transition and the half-court, he controlled tempo without realizing it and showed some basketball IQ in the process. He will need to work on his body obviously and as he gets more mature, work on his decision making which was not always flawless. He shot some balls that were not within the realm of a normal offense and he had a lot of trouble with quick and stronger guards. This kid loves to play, its obvious and as he grows he just needs to work better basketball choices into his repertoire. I have the utmost confidence he will do just that.


  1. Taylor Rogers (Tri-Cities)

6'0 PG 2016

Tough kid who plays with a great deal of effort, he was good on defense, especially on the help side. He took numerous charges, which is gold at an evaluation camp. On the offensive side of the equation, he has a decent looking shooting stroke when his form and footwork are respected. He plays with a love for the game, he makes up for the lack of overt athleticism with a hustle and basketball IQ. Rogers will need to improve his footwork and lateral movement if he is to guard his designated position in his final year of high school. Work on your weaknesses everyday and use your strengths until those become one in the same.


  1. Tanner Shulman (McCallie)

5'11 SG 2019

Another youngster with a good pedigree. Shulman showed he had a confident shooting touch and was not afraid to rip it when open. He will need to speed up that release and get it up higher as he begins his initial prep campaign. He was not scared and when on the floor he played with effort and enthusiasm. Tanner will need to work on his quickness and explosion to keep up with the elite in his age group. His basketball IQ is above average for his class. At his size learning to add some lead guard skills into his portfolio would not be bad advise for him either.


  1. Juwan Steele (Apostolic Christian)

6'3 WF 2018

Good sized youngster who plays at a very small school. His skill level needs a powerful upgrade in most areas that indicate a perimeter player. His ball-handling needs work, his decision making with the ball and his shooting needs a great deal of gym time as well. He was most effective inside during the event scoring on the block but he has aspirations of playing on the outside. He is young and time is his friend but he will need to get in the gym and work. His shooting touch needs major tweaking and form development while he will need to work extensively on his handles and footwork. Playing against better players will also help in his skill advancement.